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Bentonite Clay Mask Combos You’ll Want to Try, Like Now

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When it comes to skincare, you probably have your goals and routine down.  You want to keep your complexion clear, your skin well-moisturized and avoid those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles.  But are you doing enough on the daily to be able to achieve these goals?  Adding a clay mask to your to-do list may be the key to unlocking the perfect palette. 

Bentonite clay, specifically, removes toxins, oil, and other debris and buildup, leaving you with a flawless face for days.  This ingredient contains alpha hydroxy acids, which are great for promoting instant cell turnover and eliminating wrinkles while keeping pores clean.  Adding it to other nutrient-infused elements will instantly up your skin care game.  Here are a few of the best bentonite clay compliments:

Apple cider vinegar. This combo is great for eliminating blemishes and preventing future breakouts.   Apple cider’s antibacterial properties easily soak up excess oil and debris.  When the mixture is washed away, pores are cleansed at a deep level and your skin will shine.  Apple cider vinegar, in itself, has a ton of properties for improving health, including antimicrobials and antioxidants. 

Honey. This sweet-smelling ingredient offers some serious health benefits both in your diet and beauty routines.  Combined with clay, it creates a thick mask, working double-duty to moisturize sensitive skin, while leaving a lasting glow and sweet smell that you can enjoy all day.

Green tea. Green tea is chalked full of antioxidants and will naturally reduce redness and puffiness.  It quickly cleans pores without decreasing your skin’s natural moisture.  This tea also contains naturally occurring caffeine, which will tighten skin and decrease any puffiness. 

Jojoba oil. A wax-like substance that mimics your skins natural sebum and acts as non-comedogenic, jojoba oil eliminating debris without clogging pores.  Adding the oil to bentonite clay is especially beneficial for combination complexions because it won’t further dry out less oily areas while tending to any breakouts in oiler sections of the skin.

Bentonite clay by itself is a wonder ingredient known for detoxifying the skin.  If you want to skip the other options and simply mix the clay with a couple of tablespoons of water, you’ll be able to enjoy instant results.  You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to give the clay a soothing, spa-like aroma.  Looking to take your skincare to the next level asap?  Bring some bentonite into the fold!

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