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When Comfort and Classy Collide: The Best Business Casual Wear

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When you’re on the scene hoping to land your dream job, you’ll want to look presentable at meet-and-greets and interviews.  But those long days can also demand comfort if you want to keep going without having to worry about skin irritation and sore toes.  What are your best options?  Luckily, there are a few staples you can add to your closet that will keep you looking and feeling great. 

Transformative black and grey leggings that can double as business casual wear are all the rage.  Well beyond the traditional skinny pair you’re used to seeing, you can now find these with boot cut bottoms and the same fabric is often used in knee length skirts and capris.  Pair with a more formal top and you’ll be good to go.

You can also opt for a breezy, cotton dress for some added comfort while still looking well-put-together.  Pair with dressy flats on your feet.  Picking up some shoes with appealing patterns will instantly add style.

A loose-fitting dress shirt topped with a cotton cardigan is another option that will let you breathe easily while on the run all day.  Or a silky blouse might be more suited for all day wear than a wool turtleneck or otherwise not-so-comfy material. 

Remember to layer so you can add or remove clothing depending on how warm or cold a building is.  There’s nothing worse than being far too hot or far too chilly without anything you can do about it.  And your environment can change quickly as your heading from place to place.  Plus, dressing in an entirely new outfit everyday if you’re heading to the same place is difficult.  So, it’s best to be able to adjust layers to keep your look fresh without a ‘what-to-wear?’ headache day in and day out.

Always have the basics in your closet – black leggings, a white tank and a black one, and a neutral blouse and blazer.  Then, add from there.  Maybe you’ll want to include a few floral silk blouses, grey or brown leggings, and a couple of simple cardigans.  Wearing flat but appropriately patterned shoes will help make every outfit look brand new.  You may want to keep on hand black, brown, grey, beige, snake-skinned and leopard print footwear.  A pair of black, brown and grey boots will also help you transition from day to day seamlessly, all the while staying cozy and comfy.

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