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3 Tips for Hiding Undereye Circles

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It’s no secret – everyone has them.  And nobody wants them.  Undereye circles are an annoying part of being human.  You probably feel like you’re constantly trying to conceal the evitable that pops up every morning whether or not you’ve gotten enough shuteye.  If you’re not quite sure your efforts are paying off, you’re definitely not alone.  There are certain tips to follow for a look that screams, “I’m awake!”  Here are three must-dos to maximize results. 

Here’s the first tip for hiding undereye circles.

Dark undereye circles tend to be worse in the morning, and it just so happens this also tends to be the time that you pay the most attention to your face.  What’s the quickest way to get rid of them before you head out the door?  The right concealer will do the trick.

Of course, you’ll want to pick up a color that easily blends into your natural skin tone or into the foundation you choose to put on first.  This is super important.  If you choose a color that is too light in an attempt to cover the dark, this will draw more unwanted attention to the area.  In photos, the lightened area will be even more accentuated, and if it doesn’t match the rest of your palette, it won’t look right.

Pick a concealer specifically designed for covering dark circles, apply, and snap a few selfies to see if it blends the way you want it to.  You can also book a consultation with a professional so make sure you’re choosing the right products.

undereye circles

Here’s the second tip for hiding undereye circles.

If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, you can wash your face using a cleanser for sensitive skin (which is best for under the eyes) and cold water.  You can also opt to soak a washcloth in cold water and place it over your face for a few minutes.  The cold temperature decreases blood flow, which reduces puffiness and minimizes the appearance of undereye circles.  Follow with your makeup routine after the color subsides.

Here’s the third tip for hiding undereye circles.

Apply a soothing moisturizer or eye cream to the area will decrease irritation and improve skin tone.  This will not only feel good but will allow you to apply your concealer more evenly.  If you have a few extra minutes, grab a freezer face mask, a couple of ice cubes wrapped in a dampened cloth, or cooled cucumbers.  Leave the option you choose on for five to ten minutes to properly prep the area.  Then, apply some lotion and give it time to seep into the skin’s pores before applying any makeup.

undereye circles

Undereye circles are drag, especially when you’re going somewhere and have to look your best.  Getting into a routine, both morning and night, of taking care of your skin is a great way to ensure you can minimize these once and for all.  A little extra effort can go a long way and help you look your like a million bucks in-person and in all of your photos!

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