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Auditioning For Your Dream Job

  In order to be successful in the modeling or acting world, you must familiarize yourself and be comfortable with auditions.  Everything you have worked towards starts with an audition.  The good news is that the entertainment industry is constantly shifting and looking for new talent in today’s world filled with new TV shows and […]


Michigan Talent Shooting For Foxy Hipster Accessories

Six of our Michigan talent were booked for an accessories photo shoot with Foxy Hipster. Foxy Hipster is an accessories line created by Amy Gerhardt, a Michigan native photographer turned independent designer.The Foxy Hipster products have been featured on numerous websites and blogs over the past year and was listed in the 2015 List of […]


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Talia

            Nine9’s very own Matthew Barrett and Stevenson Bennoit landed roles on Nickelodean’s Talia in the Kitchen and we couldn’t be more proud! The boys were eager to work hard and be apart of the chaos and excitement that is Talia in the Kitchen. It was an experience they won’t […]


Advice for Your First Day on a MTV Set

As a budding actor, you are always looking to get your big break at some point. You want to land your first gig, impress your new bosses and have them cast you in many more roles in the future. When you eventually get that call, you are all excited and raring to go. However, this […]


How to Properly Layer Hair Products for your Next Audition

Auditioning as an actor or actress in Hollywood is a tough experience. To stand out in an audition, you must be unique. A good hair style is a good place to start. If you take a look at many individuals who go for auditions, you will notice that majority of the girls wear their hair […]


Ways Actors Need to Change How They Think

When you are called to attend an acting audition, you can expect the casting director and some other complete strangers like, the camera operator, someone from the production unit and a few more. Mostly you will find that, by the time you get the chance to give your audition, they have already seen hundreds of […]


5 Best Audition Monologues for the CW

Monologues and speeches in a movie are those moments when both the writer and actor can really show off; and not necessarily with the sequence of their action and effects, but with the beautiful writing coupled with tremendous performance. Such moments can be simple, but there effectiveness is incomparable. With a good monologue, the audience […]


Tips on Being an Organized Actor

Isn’t it just incredible how empowering even a little bit of organization can be? As an actor, you are an artist who thrives on creativity. Just like an open road allows you to think, a clutter-free environment gives you a sense of direction and purpose. In the past, we used to have cluttered offices and […]

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