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5 Best Audition Monologues for the CW

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Monologues and speeches in a movie are those moments when both the writer and actor can really show off; and not necessarily with the sequence of their action and effects, but with the beautiful writing coupled with tremendous performance. Such moments can be simple, but there effectiveness is incomparable. With a good monologue, the audience can stand up and applause, get inspired to take action or laugh.

Fact is, the monologue that you choose can make or break your audition. The best way to do is to read more and more. Be sure that you fall in love with the words of the write; synchronize with the writer’s flow and ensure that you can reproduce the same love in every sense of the word. Below are 5 best monologues that should aid you ace your audition.

  1. Claudio in “Measure for Measure” by William Shakespeare.

If you are a young man, it will be wise to look at the character Claudio in this play. His monologue addressed to the sister is superb. Following lewd behavior, Claudio gets arrested. With his life at stake, he sinks into a dilemma. The sister tells Claudio to give up his life instead of forcing her to let go of her virginity. In desperation, Claudio tries to make the sister understand how he feels. “To die and go where know not where”, Claudio begins.

  1. Trinculo in “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare

If you are a more mature man with a sense of humor, Trinculo’s speech in this play will work well with you. As he tries to find a shelter in the storm, Trinculo comes upon a human surprise and begins, “Here’s neither bush nor shrub”. He is disgusted at his environment; what he smells, feels and sees. This monologue is packed with great descriptions and funny lines. As the actor recreates Trinculo’s environment, the humor beautifully comes out and the audience seamlessly rides in it.

  1. Imogen in “Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick” by Terry Johnson

If you want funny, this play gets the whole thing to the extremes. A young girl who can go feminist but still remain to stay funny can do this role. Imogen is a pretty sexy actor who drinks too much. To anyone who would listen, Imogen goes ahead to talk about how she doesn’t want to be remembered as a woman with an exquisite chest but as a great actor. If your personality can fit it, you will nail the character in a manner that will leave the audience asking for more.

  1. Konstantin in “The Seagull” by Anton Chekhov.

Chekhov is another playwright who mastered all the intimate details that entails penning down a great play. Konstantin, a young man, is the leading character in the play. One of the greatest monologues in the play is when Konstantin is talking to his uncle about his selfish actor mother. Of course, you have once come across this famous statement “she loves me; she loves me not”. In a sad and moving fashion, Konstantin successfully proves to his uncle that his mother does not love him. One point to note though: Since the play was originally published in a foreign language, it is imperative that you choose a translation that will sound natural on your tongue and works well with you.

  1. Viola in “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare

If you are a young woman and disguising as a boy is your thing, this is the monologue to go for. The writer makes it very interesting for the actor. Truly, there are very chances few opportunities of getting to play a confused woman disguised as a boy who has made a beautiful woman completely fall in love with her. As viola sinks more and more into confusion, her monologue achieves perfection. “I left her no ring…”, Viola begins.

All that matters when performing a monologue is how well the character’s words fits with your personality. Despite the fact that you will have to move away from your comfort zone to put forward a great performance, what makes you stand out is the uniqueness of your personality. Again, reading and falling in love with the writer’s words is the best way to ensure your performance has no hitches. There are innumerable other great monologues in other top class plays, but the above 5 should get you started.

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