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Ways Actors Need to Change How They Think

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When you are called to attend an acting audition, you can expect the casting director and some other complete strangers like, the camera operator, someone from the production unit and a few more. Mostly you will find that, by the time you get the chance to give your audition, they have already seen hundreds of other people. So, it is likely that, most of them must be tired, bored or irritable. So, try to make the director’s task easy by being completely ready with your dialogues, do less talking, etc. and that will naturally increase your chances of getting casted.

Many of the actors (even the most successful ones) find it difficult to deal with rejections. But, it is very essential to keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude, while attending auditions.

Be ready to overcome your fears: An actor can never perform to the best of his potential, if he cannot overcome his underlying fears. Some of them might get nervous performing in front of so many people, some might find it difficult to do a particular kind of role, which is out of their comfort zone. But, you will have to realize that, getting rejected in an audition is not the end of life. So, if that is so, then probably it is okay to do those things, which scares you. This is because, the best way to overcome your fears is to do what you are afraid of.

Be confident with your approach: Try to look absolutely confident when you are entering an audition room. Even if you are nervous, never let it come on your face. Try to relax and smile, as it will give them an impression that, you are confident. Tell them about yourself, your past acting experiences and what you are going to perform in a friendly tone. Then, while performing, do not hesitate to show any kinds of expressions or emotions that are essential for portraying that particular character. Remember, that is what the judges are looking for.

Remember that, human brains make over twenty-five judgements about a person within hew seconds of meeting him. They can judge on the basis of the way you dress up, your body language, the way you talk, your eye contact, etc. So, if you manage to get a good first impression, that can really help you to hold on their interest throughout your audition. If you have a bad first impression, even your best performance might get unnoticed.

Think more practically: You need to remember that audition is a work, both for you, as well as the other people of the casting group. You need to realize that, the members of the casting crew make a living by selecting actors those who are best suited for the role. They mostly make these choices based on the height, weight, voice texture, looks and several other factors, which are not really under your control. You got to understand that, just like you, they are also trying their best to do their job as successfully as possible. So, there is nothing personal about it.

Follow the auditioning manners: You should never disrespect anyone, no manner wherever you are. A lack of courtesy, can actually spoil your chances of cracking an audition faster than you can imagine. Always follow the basic rule:

Never touch anyone of the casting crew. Do not touch any of their things, for example, the notepad, food, camera, etc., as any such gesture is considered to be rude.Make sure to throw your chewing gum or cigarette, when you are entering the audition room. If you have to smoke, do it outside, where no one notices it. If you are planning to record your audition to evaluate your performance, hide the recording device in such a way, that it should not distract your performance or the auditors.

Try to focus on delivering a performance to the best of your ability and do not think about getting rejected. If you concentrate solely on your performance, it will increase your chances of getting casted. Once you are done with your audition, make sure to thank everyone of the casting crew, even if you get rejected in that audition.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!