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Advice for Your First Day on a MTV Set

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As a budding actor, you are always looking to get your big break at some point. You want to land your first gig, impress your new bosses and have them cast you in many more roles in the future. When you eventually get that call, you are all excited and raring to go. However, this excitement is soon replaced by apprehension. It is a big step of your life and you do not want to do something that jeopardizes your career for eternity. Slowly, your insecurities escalate and you do not know how to handle your new-found publicity. This scenario is fairly common, and this piece sets out to provide bits of advice should you find yourself in such a jinx, whether on an MTV set or a Hollywood casting event.

Look the part

It is true that your choice of wardrobe is mostly left in the hands of others. This might lead you to think that what you show up in does not matter at all, since you will change into something else when the scenes are shot. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The moment you walk on to the set, tens of professionals will have their eyes fixed on you. They want to see how you can hold up, and they want to pick little cues about who you are as a person. Dress in something unassuming yet comfortable and appealing.

Know your lines

You have been picked over tens of other people interested in the acting gig. You are entrusted with knowing precisely what to say at the right time, which is why your delivery needs to be perfectly executed. Ensure that you do not scuff your lines, and that you get everything out as it is supposed to be. If you are unsure about something, ask for clarification from those around you. The beauty of acting is that there is always a throng of professionals dedicated to getting the best out of you.

Keep your head up

You might be crumbling from the inside, but it is always good to maintain the facade of calm. Stay confident and positive and you will find that this endears people to you. If you receive criticism, take it in your stride and change what needs to be changed. Be polite to those around you, and they will respond in kind. Do not complain, because the whole idea is to get the best out of you. Keep it polite and always thank those who help you on the set.

Stay away from other people’s gear

There is going to be lots of people scurrying about with their acting gear. The electrical department has its set of tools and those in charge of the wardrobe have their own items to keep watch over. An acting scenario is highly specialized, with strict rules to encourage protection of individual privacy and departmental property. Stick to your side of the set and only touch what you are allowed to touch. This setup avoids confusion and curbs the wastage of time.

Be on time

It is your biggest moment as an actor. You are going to be in a new environment with a whole lot of new faces, and getting to the set late strips you of a lot of things. Always ensure that you are present and ready 30 minutes to the clock. This way, you can familiarize yourself with your fellow actors and get a feel of the scenes to be played out. Punctuality also allows you to relax and gather your thoughts before stepping in to the frame.

Stay attentive

You are going to meet a lot of stars with a dazzling array of accomplishments, and that presents you with a chance to learn a thing or two about the industry. In addition to other actors, there are producers and engineers who have been there, seen it all. Always pay attention to how these people handle day-to-day filming issues. Look at how they relate, how the do things, and how they synchronize aspects of production to enhance fluidity. Being keen gives you a chance to learn and grow on the job.


Acting is fun, and getting your shot is the best thing that can ever happen to an upcoming actor. Grab your chance, exude confidence and keep it professional all the time.


If you liked this post, please share with your friends!