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Tips on Being an Organized Actor

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Isn’t it just incredible how empowering even a little bit of organization can be? As an actor, you are an artist who thrives on creativity. Just like an open road allows you to think, a clutter-free environment gives you a sense of direction and purpose. In the past, we used to have cluttered offices and desks but today we have cluttered computers, phones and even brains! You are always looking to be in the best frame of mind for optimal performance as an actor, but that cannot happen if you are disorganized. You will need to keep tabs on possible auditions, open calls, photo shoots and castings. This piece looks at a few ideas that help you stay organized.

  • Keep your email open

Invitations to auditions will always land inside your Google or Yahoo! inbox. The sad part is that most people have too much correspondence in their email service, and the most important items pass them by. We live in an era where our mail is bombarded with stuff that is honestly not important. It is therefore easy to understand the temptation to overlook incoming mail and dismiss it as advertising spam. To avoid missing a message that would have landed you a role, simply keep your emails organized. Delete or file away all inactive conversations and keep all pending communication well-marked. Keep a neat collection of emails, but only ensure that you have what matters and nothing more.

  • Avoid keeping things in your head

You are going to hear of tens of photo shoot events in a month, and keeping all that information in your head is simply implausible. Take some time and map out a list of activities that you plan to attend on a certain day. This way, you wake up with the knowledge of what needs to be done all the time. By doing this, you save yourself the disappointment of having to attend an event a day after it was slotted to take place! Keep clean records and browse them from time to time to obtain an idea of precisely where you need to be at a particular time.

  • Take advantage of technology

Your phone is probably the only gadget that stays on your person 80% of the time. If you find pen and paper tedious, look out for applications that help you plan your itinerary. There are hundreds of these pieces of software out there, and they have always come through for users. Some applications notify you about upcoming auditions and others help you plan accordingly. Do not use too many programs on the same device since this will simply mean that you are getting the very opposite of the organizational paradigm you are trying to institute. Keep two or three programs, and stick with the ones you find helpful. Keep in mind that standard applications are free while most premium choices call for renewal, registration or subscription fees.

  • Keep your computer items heavily specialized

Imagine looking for an address to a casting location in a desktop with 50 files scattered across the monitor. Chances are that you will not get around to the file you are looking for and if you do, you risk getting there a little too late. Create 3 or 4 folders on your desktop and name them according to their specific set of contents. Once you download an important file, do not leave it in the Downloads folder because that is where all the junk goes. Move files to related folders as soon as you download them. If your desktop is a smattering of unrelated files floating around, then you stand very little chance of keeping a semblance of organization.

  • Plan even when away from home

Your laptop and work station maybe at home when you fly out to meet your actor friends. However, do not use that as an excuse not to plan. If anyone mentions a casting event, put it down in your phone so that you know precisely when and where important activities take place.

Becoming a successful actor requires discipline, organization and a sense of purpose. When your life is organized, everything around you is clear and not much will pass you by. Remember, an organized actor has a clear head and is therefore capable of giving his/her all when the need arises.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!