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Wet Hair, Don’t Care!

Running late and have no time to spend worrying about drying your locks?  Never fear, the age of wet hair trending is here!  When you need to make it out the door, like fifteen minutes ago, you can quickly turn to one of today’s popular styles and still make it to open call on time. […]


How and When to Wear Hair Extensions

Actors and models seem to be able to switch up their hairstyles in a blink of the eye.  How, might you ask?  Welcome to the world of extensions.  If extensions seem terrifying, they’re not.  They’re more commonplace than ever nowadays with easy-to-apply options that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t tried to fake it before.  […]


Destress Your Skin with Ingredients You Already Have at Home

Stress can quickly age your skin, and you may be looking for a few at-home remedies that reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  But what works and what doesn’t?  Before you empty your pockets on the next quick fix, here are a few natural, easy to find solutions. Green tea. This oh-so-good for you option is […]


How to Grow Long Hair in a Hurry

If you’re looking to add real length to your hair – like, as soon as possible – don’t be fooled into picking up some miracle, overnight fix that probably doesn’t work.  Here are a few solutions you can add onto your self-care routine that will promote growth naturally and effectively. It’s not a wives’ tale […]


Looking for Fuller Lips? Here’s a Few At-home Options

If you’re looking for Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson lips, you’re in luck.  You don’t need to get an expensive cosmetic procedure, either.  You can quickly puff up your pout with a few simple tricks at home. There many products that claim to have the solution to lusher lips.  Some of these are, of course, […]


How to Pull Off a Close-up

Sometime in your acting career you may be asked to do a close-up either as part of a scene or as the whole scene.  How are close-ups different from fully body shots?  They require you to act with your eyes, which adds a level of complexity you may not have rehearsed.  They can be terrifying […]


Polish Personality

What Your Color Choice Says About You Think you give little thought to the colors you choose to top your fingertips with?  Perhaps.  But, maybe there’s more to your choice than even you’re aware.  Here are what some shades may say about your personality. Dark. Black, deep reds or blues suggest some mystery.  Wearing these […]


How to Care for Swimmer’s Hair

We all know swimming can be fun and gets you out of the sun – but, it can also wreak havoc on your hair if you let it.  So, while you’re taking a dip this summer, considering being extra careful by adding a few things to your hair care routine. Chlorine, which is a common […]

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