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6 Easy-to-follow Fitness Tips for Entertainers

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As can entertainer, you’re pretty busy – and that’s probably an understatement.  You want to make sure you stay in great shape, but you feel as if you have zero time.  What can you do despite the craziness of your schedule?  Here are some simple fitness tips for entertainers.

The good news is that it can be relatively easy to stick to a routine if you make simple adjustments throughout the day.  One of the best fitness tips for entertainers is to get a membership to a gym that has nationwide locations and lets you use any and all of them.  This way, no matter where your career takes you, you’ll have an option nearby.  Just stopping in for half an hour each day is better than not going at all.

Other great fitness tips for entertainers include walking to opportunities every chance you get and ensuring that you always take the stairs rather than the elevator once inside.  These small tweaks can really add up.  If your commute is not walkable, consider taking as stroll at the end of the day to decompress.  It’s important to find some time to yourself to reset amid the constant hustle and bustle.

If you’re at home searching for gigs on the computer, do so standing up and get a few lunges or squats in while you’re applying.  You can also set a goal for yourself to apply for five, rest for five, rotating throughout the day and using the breaks in between to get a few exercises in.  This is one of those often-overlooked fitness tips for entertainers that can ensure you get a full workout in by the time you’re done hitting ‘submit’.

If you’re looking for simple diet modifications to go along with your exercise efforts, one of those fitness tips for entertainers that just might do the trick is to simply skip lunch.  Keep a stack of healthy snacks close by to munch on when hunger pains hit rather than investing in a formal meal.  This will add a few minutes back to your day to engage in some physical activity.  This may mean going for a short jog around the block or trying out a new HIIT routine.  Every spare minute counts.

You can also commit to stop eating for the day a couple of hours before bedtime.  Having your last meal around 6 P.M. will give your body time to digest before you hit the sheets.  Make sure to get enough H20 throughout the day, too, so you don’t confuse a need to rehydrate for a need to refuel with food.  This is all too easy to do.

Following these fitness tips for entertainers can help you maintain your goals while staying busy with gigs.  It can be difficult to find the time in between bookings to stay fit, but it’s not impossible.  The key is to make your efforts work despite everything else you have going on.  Set goals in advance and stick with them no matter what your routine brings!

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