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5 Skincare Hacks on a Budget

5 Skincare Hacks on a Budget We all know that taking care of our skin is important, but sometimes it can feel like a costly endeavor. Here are five tips to help you take care of your skin without breaking the bank. 1. Stop using expensive products If you’re on a budget, the first thing […]


5 Clever Tips for Hiding Scars

If you have a photo shoot, audition or an open call coming up, chances are if you have them, you may be feeling self-conscious about visible scars.  You’ve probably seen many actors and actresses with scars, and these, for the most part, aren’t a big deal other than the fact that they can make you overthink and distract you from giving your all.


Destress Your Skin with Ingredients You Already Have at Home

Stress can quickly age your skin, and you may be looking for a few at-home remedies that reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  But what works and what doesn’t?  Before you empty your pockets on the next quick fix, here are a few natural, easy to find solutions. Green tea. This oh-so-good for you option is […]


Summer Skin

Summer is just around the corner, and while we can’t wait to enjoy the season’s sunshine, the change in weather can actually do a number on our skin.  It’s important to be prepared with the proper summer skin routine.  Here are some ways in which we can protect our appearance and still enjoy the rays. […]


Simple Flaw-Zappers For The Beauty On The Go

There are some simple quick-fixes everyone should know for correcting everyday issues related to a busy schedule and the toll it inevitably takes on our physical appearance.  Let’s take a closer look. Under-eye Circles.  The best fix for dark circles is r-e-s-t.  Under-eye bags are a clear indicator of a schedule without enough downtime.  Seasonal […]


Simply Glamorous Skin

Maintaining a clear complexion is essential in entertainment, as is keeping skin properly hydrated and moisturized.  There are some tried and true techniques for stand-out skin.  The experts at Glamour magazine provide some insight into some of the essentials. Rest up.  It’s important to get around eight hours of sleep every night.  Getting an adequate […]


Maintaining Appearances: Essential Skin and Hair Tips

In entertainment, it’s important to keep up with appearances – and not just talent-wise.  Whether you’re going in front of the camera, walking the runway, or representing a brand, you’ll want to make sure you look and feel your best.  The late nights and long hours can do a number on your physical appearance, though.  […]


33 Chicago Talent Picked to Audition for Moroccanoil Event

Moroccan Oil is AN INDUSTRY PIONEER: What began as a single, revolutionary product, eventually pioneered a new category in the beauty industry. It has grown into a full line of hair and body products, all infused with nourishing antioxidant-rich argan oil, signature to the brand. Dedicated to providing the highest quality hair and body products, Moroccanoil […]

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