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4 Ways to Memorize Your Lines Like a Pro

Memorizing lines can be challenging for many actors. And yet, there are a few tricks to the trade that can help you memorize more quickly if you’ve landed a gig and are given a script.  The process may seem daunting at first, but practice makes perfect!


5 Ways to Get Connected Quickly

Entertainment is a who’s who industry.  You’ll want to work on connecting with the right people and doing so quickly so you can get your career off and running as soon as possible.  There are many ways to expand your reach, both online and off.  Here are a few tips for getting connected and making a name for yourself.


3 Steps for Finding Your Acting Niche

Finding your acting niche, more than anything, has to do with building self-awareness and self-discovery. The more you know who you are as a person, the easier it will be to find your place in the industry. After all, you’ll want to pursue a niche that is going to make you happy and one that you feel you can stick with for a long time to come. 


3 Types of Acting Workshops to Check Out

There are many different types of acting workshops that may seem interesting and worth exploring.  Some you may want to participate in simply to improve upon your talents, while others you may sit in on to learn something new and broaden your skillset. Regardless of your intentions, there are a few workshops that are essential for ensuring you have a solid understanding of how to make it to the A-list.


5 Things Every Agent Wants to Hear

When you’re meeting with an agent, first and foremost, it’s important to come prepared and confidently ready to present everything this agent will be expecting from you.  Of course you can never completely predict how a meeting will go, but you must prepare as much as possible for what you may be asked. 


3 Signs You’ve Made It Big

ou may be wondering what it looks like to ‘make it big.’  While everyone has different goals and definitions in mind when they think about where they want to head and what it means to ‘make it’, there are a few clear signs to confirm that you are in fact going places.  These may include a natural progression career-wise to more challenging roles and well-known projects.


4 Contract Phrases You Have to Know

Signing an entertainment contract is a big deal, and you’ll want to ensure you understand all of the details before putting your name on the bottom line.  You may be super excited, but there are a few phrases you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of before you move forward.


4 Things You Can Expect Once You’re Booked

So, you’ve gotten a callback and were chosen for a role in a new project!  This is an exciting time!  For the moment, you can catch your breath and enjoy the win.  Then, it’s time to prepare for the next steps.  Here is what you can expect once you’ve been booked.

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