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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Stand-up Career Off the Ground

It can be tough to get your comedy career off the ground, but it’s all about staying motivated and advocating for yourself, while finding a niche for your jokes.  You’ll want to follow these five easy tips to ensure your standing out as a stand-up comedian.


How to Avoid Overacting: 4 Tips for Success

You’ve landed the role of a lifetime, memorized all of your lines, and you’re super excited to get started. This excitement is, of course, a good thing. But it can also easily translate into overacting. All of that practicing in front of a mirror can look very different in front of a camera, which tends to amplify every gesture you make.


4 Tips for Mastering the Nonverbal Side of Acting

More than half of an actor’s job is actively listening to others who are speaking on set. This means remembering to act even when you’re not reciting dialogue, this is the nonverbal side of acting. Many different camera angles are used in filming a production, and audiences will continue to focus on anything in the frame.


3 Tips for Building Your Social Media Brand

It’s more important now than ever before to build your brand on social media if you want to make it big. In fact, many influencers garner fame overnight by employing just the right strategy to position themselves for success. But you’ll need to know how to handle your social the right way. It’s easy to get everything set up and have it be a total flop. Here are three tips for getting started.


Self-Tapes for an Audition: Here’s 4 Tips for Practicing

Many times, casting directors will ask for a self-taped auditions from actors when posting available roles. A prerecorded audition allows the CD to quickly go through potential candidates and watch and rewatch submissions as needed. Self-tapes are becoming more and more popular as technology has become an integral piece of the audition process and practicing before finalizing a self-taped audition is key to getting follow-up call.


The More Versatile Your Photos Greater Your Chances of Getting Booked: 5 Tips

In the entertainment industry, as long as you’re able to pass as a certain age, you can play the role of a character that is that age. In other words, you’ll want to develop a versatile range rather than sticking only to roles that are meant for your exact age.


7 Tips to Emailing a Casting Director

There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to emailing a casting director. You’ll want to be short and sweet, to the point, but also have enough information in your correspondence to ensure your submission is easy to review. Here’s a few tips for how to email a casting director.


5 Tips to Making the Most of an Acting Workshop

When you’re planning to attend an acting workshop, preparation is key. The more you prepare, the less nervous you’ll be. You’ll want to ensure you have the times down pat so you’re not rushing and have something picked out to wear ahead of time.

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