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5 Photo Editing Options

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Photo Editing Options – 5 Tips

Looking to post the best shots of yourself online?  You’ll need to have the tools necessary to ensure the images you present pop on your social or elsewhere.  Here are five editing tips for making sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Here is the first photo editing option.

The first editing essential is to simply crop your photos in a way that captures the shot in the best light.  If, for example, you’re calling attention to your face, try to reduce the background noise by cropping as closely as it seems fit to bring out your features. If you leave too much room between yourself and the background or your bottom half, viewers will like be too consumed with the shot in its entirety to focus on your face.

Here is the second photo editing option.

Another way to reduce the background portion of your image is to blur it out or eliminate it altogether. There are photo editing options online that can help you do this. Creating a blank space behind or leaving it just out of focus will draw a viewer’s attention to the the portion you intend to present. You can even take out portions of the backdrop while leaving other areas in intact in order to display the image perfectly on the page.

Here is the third photo editing option.

The naturally lighting of most photos isn’t enough to make them stand out. You would have to capture the the shot at exactly the right time of day to be satisfied. However, you can always adjust the color of your image in a way that makes it appear you did just that. Just make sure to not do so much editing that the color is overly vibrant, making the viewer cringe. There is a point at which the hue can become far too fake. 

Here is the fourth photo editing option.

If you have a great pic that is just a bit blurry, sharpen it so that it comes into focus. If it’s salvageable, you’ll be able to use this editing hack and the viewer will be none the wiser.  If you have the photo on your phone, there should be a built-in setting that is super simple to use. Otherwise, search for a free site online to help you adjust.

Here is the fifth photo editing option.

Finally, taking the concept of editing a bit outside of the box, you’ll want to place your images on the site they’re being posted just right so that they stand out.  Depending on the look you’re going for and where you’re posting, one rule of thumb is to not over-clutter the page with dense collages.  Rather, space the photos out a bit so that each is given the attention it deserves.  Remember, you’re placing every photo online for a reason and you don’t want some to get lost in translation.

Entertainers often have their own websites and are highly active on social media. They know how to maximize positive page feedback by editing what they put out there just right. These few simple tips will allow you to optimize your online portfolio. 

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