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The Do’s and Don’ts of On-Set Behavior

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The do’s and don’ts of on-set behavior

On-set behavior is an important part of making a successful film. Not following the necessary etiquette can put a production at risk and be detrimental to the overall experience. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of on-set behavior is essential for everyone involved in a production.

Do: Respect everyone’s time on set

This includes honoring call times, being prepared for your work, and recognizing breaks and lunches that are scheduled throughout the day. Be kind to everyone no matter their position on set.

Everyone has an important role in the production, so always be respectful and understanding of other roles. Have an open mind when considering unexpected changes or requests from crew members or directors that may occur on set.

Don’t: Bring visitors to set without permission

While it may be tempting to bring friends or family members to the set, never do so without the permission of the director. This can be disruptive and distracting for other crew members on set and could put your future gigs in jeopardy if your guests misbehave.

Do: Remain friendly and courteous throughout the shoot day

Even though you will likely encounter stress due to tight deadlines or equipment difficulties—greet everyone with respect, maintain a positive attitude, offer helpful suggestions if you have them but don’t try to take control over what is not yours to command.

In addition, don’t use strong language when talking about other crew members, actors, or directors around set. Likewise, avoid getting into arguments with anyone on set—professionals should not let their emotions get in the way and instead should look to find solutions via collaborative dialogue with others involved in production rather than escalation through fighting words.

Do: Be mindful of noise levels while on set

Keep conversations low-key whenever possible as noise pollution can quickly disrupt shooting schedules if left unchecked by all those present during filming; also remember that silence may be required depending upon the scene being filmed so pay close attention when such cues are given from key personnel overseeing production activities within each stage of filmmaking!

Don’t: Touch any equipment unless you are trained and certified to do so by properly

Respecting safety protocols is paramount when dealing with electricity-based tools like lighting rigs or sound mixers which could potentially harm individuals if proper care isn’t taken when using them; likewise never touch any equipment belonging to another crew member without asking first since this goes against basic respect rules for those who own their own gear!

Remember that all equipment should remain pristine during transfer between crew members as well!

In conclusion, knowledge about proper etiquette is key for making sure that your film sets run smoothly and efficiently without disruptions due to ill behaved cast or crew members. Following these simple do’s and don’t’s can help ensure that everyone on set remains civil towards each other while respecting one another’s contributions in order to reach success together!

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