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21 Days to Better Skin before Your Next Photo Shoot

You are a model and you have your next big shoot soon? Like all of us know this is the time when our faces start to act out, pimples start popping out everywhere, oily skin seems to be throwing a party and the bags and dark circles under your eyes are looking baggier and darker […]


The Art of Auditioning for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel

For many, performing in Nickelodeon or a Disney Channel production is a dream come true. You may be reading this article as you may be thinking of auditioning. Well, there are a few things that you should know so you can nail the auditions and get that role you always wanted. So, should I pay […]


To Tan or Not to Tan before a Shoot in Vanity Fair

Before making a decision on whether or not to tan, you should consider the setting and ambiance of the photo shoot and the season. Photographers have different opinions concerning tanning, however a larger percentage prefer working with the skin in its natural color and using body makeup where necessary. If possible, get in touch with […]


A Smart Model is a Good Model

Models are born. They are never made. It is in them, their peers, family, and even strangers recognize a model when they see one! It’s now time for you to see the model in yourself! Choose a type of modeling This is the first basic step to becoming a great model. Although there are many […]


Grow Stronger, Thicker Nails: A Must Read for Hand Models

Due to the fact about your hands being on the display at all time; especially for a girl to have better looking hands and nails is one of the best ways to enhance more attractive in the eyes many people. Besides, as a result of the daily work schedules that you normally engage in such […]


The Truth about Hair Extensions: The Kardashian Craze!

What role do hair extensions play in the Kardashian beauty routine? Why are they so popular nowadays amongst women around the world? These questions are continually asked by plenty of people, which is why we’ve comprised this list of the biggest reasons why hair extensions are so important to get the real Kardashian look that […]


Advice for Your First Day on a MTV Set

As a budding actor, you are always looking to get your big break at some point. You want to land your first gig, impress your new bosses and have them cast you in many more roles in the future. When you eventually get that call, you are all excited and raring to go. However, this […]


How to Properly Layer Hair Products for your Next Audition

Auditioning as an actor or actress in Hollywood is a tough experience. To stand out in an audition, you must be unique. A good hair style is a good place to start. If you take a look at many individuals who go for auditions, you will notice that majority of the girls wear their hair […]

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