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Stephen King Show Casting Now

Casting Directors for a Stephen King show are looking for actors and other talent to portray new characters. This is a paid opportunity to act in a featured speaking role in Mr. Mercedes set to begin filming later this month.


Mr. Mercedes, based on Stephen King’s 2014 book with the same name.  It is about a serial killer that taunts a retired detective with a series of incriminating letters and emails, forcing the ex-cop to take action to bring the killer to justice before he is able to strike.  The ex-detective must choose between staying retired or helping out the investigation to insure his safety.  The 10 Episode TV Series Mr. Mercedes will be filmed in Charleston, SC and surrounding towns. Filming is set to begin in early February.


When: February 2018

Where: TBD

This is a great opportunity to be apart of a new television show from the great mind of the famous author Stephen King.  He is known for his genius horror tales like The Shining, The Stand, It, and The Mist.  King started writing novels in 1967 and has since established himself as one of the greatest writers of our time.  This is a great chance for you to gain exposure as an actor or stand-in and make some money while doing so.



  • Michelle Olave

    I would love to be apart of ,Mr Mercedes

  • Jonathan

    What I would give for the chance to audition, I hope Mr. Mercedes has yet to be found. . At least open for consideration. I can portray his character with the depth and color the series success depends on.

  • Scotty Scotty

    Nine9 is awesome!

    • Jeremy S.

      You said it!

  • Rey Arroyo

    Would love a chance to work on a Steven king film

  • Sandra Brathwaite

    Would love to be apart of the Tv series.

  • Julia A Morrison

    I would love love love this opportunity sooooooooooooooo much that would be great, this would be so exciting and worth work wow

  • Matt Hawes

    I would absolutely love to be a part of this.

  • Joelle James


  • Benjamin Carnes

    Where and when I will be there just had a positive audition in New York