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3 Tips For Beauty Solutions Based on Facial Features

impact.  First determine what your skin and hair type is, then pick out which products will work. You can take a look at a magazine if you need help.  Here are some beauty solutions based on your facial features.


5 Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Next Audition

When it comes to styling your hair and choosing the right makeup palette for your next audition, it’s important to remember that casting directors want to see you.  You were invited to audition for a role because your headshot matched what the CD was looking for.  That being said, if you choose just the right amount of makeup and a hairstyle that landed you an audition, you’re doing something right.


3 Ways to Cover Any Tattoo

Opps!  That casting you would be a really good fit for doesn’t allow any body ink and you have a very visible tattoo.  What to do?  Try covering it up, of course!  It’s very possible no one will ever notice if you select the right products and apply them just so.  However, proper preparation is key, and it may take more than one trail run to pull it off.


How to Pull Off a Close-up

Sometime in your acting career you may be asked to do a close-up either as part of a scene or as the whole scene.  How are close-ups different from fully body shots?  They require you to act with your eyes, which adds a level of complexity you may not have rehearsed.  They can be terrifying […]


Natural, Make-at-Home Beauty Aisle Essentials

Summer is approaching and you’re hoping to go au natural, when it comes to your beauty routine that is.  If you’re tired of emptying your pockets on store-bought brands or starting to feel like something just isn’t right with the ingredients you’re using – your skin is becoming irritated, you’re sneezing a lot, your breakouts […]


Versatile Makeup That’ll Go the Extra Mile

Ok, ladies, which makeup has the most flexibility?  When you’re always on the go and you have limited purse space, this is a very important consideration.  Which cosmetics are the most compact while packing the biggest punch?  Here are a few that will go the distance. Multi-colored pressed powder kit. These are easier to find […]


Simple Flaw-Zappers For The Beauty On The Go

There are some simple quick-fixes everyone should know for correcting everyday issues related to a busy schedule and the toll it inevitably takes on our physical appearance.  Let’s take a closer look. Under-eye Circles.  The best fix for dark circles is r-e-s-t.  Under-eye bags are a clear indicator of a schedule without enough downtime.  Seasonal […]


Let Your Makeup Complement You

Most ladies wear makeup. Every one of them has different reasons why they incline toward the makeup hope to look common. Makeup supplements your looks just if you wear it accurately. A few ladies are either ignorant of how they wear their makeup or don’t really know how to do as such. The accompanying tips […]

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