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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Talia

            Nine9’s very own Matthew Barrett and Stevenson Bennoit landed roles on Nickelodean’s Talia in the Kitchen and we couldn’t be more proud! The boys were eager to work hard and be apart of the chaos and excitement that is Talia in the Kitchen. It was an experience they won’t […]


How to Properly Layer Hair Products for your Next Audition

Auditioning as an actor or actress in Hollywood is a tough experience. To stand out in an audition, you must be unique. A good hair style is a good place to start. If you take a look at many individuals who go for auditions, you will notice that majority of the girls wear their hair […]


Ways Actors Need to Change How They Think

When you are called to attend an acting audition, you can expect the casting director and some other complete strangers like, the camera operator, someone from the production unit and a few more. Mostly you will find that, by the time you get the chance to give your audition, they have already seen hundreds of […]


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