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5 Things Every Agent Wants to Hear

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When you’re meeting with an agent, first and foremost, it’s important to come prepared and confidently ready to present everything this agent will be expecting from you.  Of course you can never completely predict how a meeting will go, but you must prepare as much as possible for what you may be asked.  Here are five things you’ll want to have ready before you head out the door to meet with an agent.

Here is the first thing every agent wants to hear.

Agents will always want to have a good understanding of your professional history.  You’ll want to bring an up-to-date resume that reflects everything you’ve done in the entertainment industry.  This includes all projects, large and small, as well as any acting workshops, classes, and your degree program information, if applicable.  You’ll want to make sure you can offer the agent some insights should you be asked to provide more information about something that is listed on your resume, so be prepared to go more in depth on any given subject if requested.

Here is the second thing every agent wants to hear.

You may be asked what your strengths and growth opportunities are as an actor, and you’ll want to be able to answer these types of questions thoroughly on the spot.  Think about how you might respond ahead of time and come up with something that seems professional and practical.  You don’t want to relay information about what you can do to improve if it is not completely feasible.  It should be something that you will have the opportunity to engage in at some point during your career, particularly if you move forward with the agent.

Here is the third thing every agent wants to hear.

Come prepared with your goals.  These can be both short- and long-term goals and should reflect your ambitions as an actor and what directions you’re hoping to head towards.  Be specific and matter-of-act about any goals you state.  This will help you come across as confident and self-aware, which is key.  These should be aligned with how you would like to grow as an actor as well.  The more cohesive your plans are, the better.  This will show the agent that you’re serious about making it in entertainment and they will recognize your willingness to continue to learn and grow.

Here is the fourth thing every agent wants to hear.

Another thing that will give you a leg up is to have a list of personal and professional references handy, or already-prepared reference letters with contact information for those who wrote them.  This will help to concrete any claims that you’ve made about your work ethic and other aspects of your commitment to doing well in the industry.

Here is the fifth thing every agent wants to hear.

You’ll want to have a few questions in your back pocket to ask the agent, too. Agent interviews should consist of a two-way dialogue.  Ask anything that you want to know about the agency without making it look like you didn’t do any research ahead of time.  You might ask what the process is for booking work and how quickly you’ll be able to do so.  The agent should also appear confident in responding and willing to discuss any reservations you might have.

Above all, the most important thing to take away from this is to always step into these meetings prepared. Confidently sharing with the agent what you’ve accomplished and where your goals are headed.  Take notes, so you remember to bring these things up in discussion and show up with a portfolio supporting everything you discuss.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure you feel good about the connection before you move forward.

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