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5 Tips for Advancing Your Skillset with Acting Classes

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Are acting classes worth it?  This is a common question many actors ask themselves when they’re getting started in the competitive world of entertainment.  And, the short answer is, it depends.  There are a ton of great opportunities out there to hone your skills.  There are also a ton of scam artists hoping you’ll invest your money and time into something that won’t make a stitch of difference at the end of the day.  How can you tell the difference, and how can you get involved in those that are career-changing?  Here are a few tips.

When you’re searching for acting classes in your area, be on the lookout for those that have set modules with a performance at the end of the course.  This will ensure you get to perfect the basics, observe others practicing their craft, ask questions and put your skills to the test before you move on.  The combination of becoming savvy with industry lingo and insider skillsets and the hands-on experience will help you when in future auditions.

You’ll be able to put acting classes, workshops, drop-in improv sessions, and any similar experiences on your resume, but don’t want to overshadow the gigs you book.  There should be a good balance of both.  So, if you take a six-week acting class, try to follow it with a gig before jumping into another training session.  This will keep your on-paper presentation diversified and well-rounded.

Classes and workshops offer invaluable networking opportunities with fellow actors and other industry insiders.  Oftentimes, they are taught by well-established actors hoping to mentor others in the field.  You never know who is going to be hosting the next course or who will be observing your skills.  Remember, actors know actors.  There’s a good chance that your instructor will also invite others from the field to take a peek at up-and-coming talent.  So, when you’re participating in acting classes, give it your all every time just as you would in the audition room.

Improvisational acting, often called improv, which involves unscripted interactions, can provide a great way to develop the quick-thinking, natural talent necessary to create a believable role.  Improv acting classes offer a unique opportunity for skill development that will pull you out of your comfort zone, which is essential for taking your craft to the next level.  Do a quick search for any opportunities at local schools, theaters, or other venues, and chances are there will be a few groups looking for new actors to join.

Many schools and theaters offer acting classes year-round and post these on their websites and in other marketing materials.  Oftentimes, these are open to the public and you do not have to be a student or member to join – however, this is not always the case.  While you’re researching what’s out there, make sure to read the fine print so you understand the full terms of any investment you’re considering before shouting, ‘Sign me up!’

Acting classes, while not necessary per se, offer creatives an opportunity to practice – and this will inevitably get you ahead in the industry.  So, go for it!

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