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Asking for the Help of an Acting Mentor

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Having a mentor is a great idea no matter what career you’re pursuing, and it can be the game-changing decision that’ll jumpstart your success in the entertainment world.  Working with someone who has firsthand knowledge of the industry you’re pursuing is invaluable, and there are many tips and tricks a mentor can show you that you probably won’t be able to pick up in classes and books.  There is certain “insider” information that can only come from someone seasoned in the field.

Of course, in your pursuit of the perfect person for the job, you’ll want to make sure you enlist someone who knows what they’re talking about.  It goes without saying that you cannot blindly take advice from just anyone.  You’ll want someone who has been in the game awhile and knows a thing or two about how to get a leg up on the competition.  Soliciting the advice of someone who is less experienced isn’t going to be very helpful. 

As you begin to work with a mentor, you’ll probably realize you know a heck of a lot more than you may have thought you did.  Good mentors are there to field questions to, practice lines or poses, or make sure your marketing materials are on point, but your talent is what’s ultimately going to make you shine.

It is important to have confidence in your skills and form a partnership with someone who offers advice, not who intimates you or makes you feel as if you are in constant competition.  This is another reason it’s so important to find someone who is further along in their career and who is there to help you get your start rather than have you simply tag along to watch them in action.  And, you definitely don’t want to be vying for the same bookings. 

So, how can you find someone who is willing to devote their time to teaching you the ropes?  Believe it or not, there are individuals who actually do this time and again because they genuinely enjoy it.  You may be able to work alongside someone who is involved at a local acting school or improv theater. 

It’s worth a shot taking a peek at upcoming programs and events which offer a chance to network and find a fit.  You can also go out on a limb and try posting your intentions on social media, especially in larger online acting groups.  Someone might bite when the timing’s just right!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!