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Nine9 Talent Spotlight with Brandy Rinehart

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Hi there and welcome to another spotlight of just one of our successful talent. This is where our talent get a chance to share their experiences and impressions. And sometimes their advice with you. These people are just like you and came to Nine9 with just the dream. And now they are being featured nationally and locally in commercials, TV series, movies, and more enjoy.

My name is Brandy Rinehart. I have been a talent with Nine9 for roughly a year and a half. I found Nine9 completely by accident from my boyfriend recommending my first impression of Nine9 was that it was super casual and super inviting and not stressful, intense environment. That was very appealing to me in the past. I have done some modeling in high school and in college, and I really enjoyed it and I had a good time, but it seemed at some point it wasn’t necessarily, for me, it got a little more intense than I was used to, and it was intimidating. So I wasn’t as secure with doing it. But coming back to Nine9, I started talking to a few of the people at Nine9 and a few of the agents and the acting aspect started to appeal to me a little bit more than it did when I was in high school or college.

I think the maturity level wasn’t there and it wasn’t quite as intimidating and seemed as mysterious. The ultimate decision to help me take the leap at Nine9 was honestly the first time coming in and meeting with the staff and the team, everyone was really inviting, really excited to have me there. It seemed also incredibly stress-free. And then when I signed up, ultimately seeing how easy the app and the website were, that’s the whole application process for getting information on potential jobs was so streamlined and so easy. It made it incredibly easy for me to choose it. One of the past experiences that I had with Nine9 that was huge, would be a call back from the agent directing and coordinating for Ozarks.

Nine9 Talent was a body double in Ozark

So I had this amazing opportunity that I got the funniest text message ever that said, are you Brandy Rinehart size nine shoe five 11, and able to do a photo shoot and do a test? Shoot. My response was that is me. I am still a size nine. I am still that person. Absolutely let me know where to go. So I ended up showing up and doing the test shoot and immediately within about 12 hours, I got a text message. You got the job. You’re going to be the body double for Helen on Ozark.

So it’s really exciting after doing the test and doing the COVID test and being notified who it was for, the Ozark series. It was pretty exciting for me to realize that I was actually going to be a body double for a series that I 100% had been watching throughout the duration. So, I was pretty excited and Nine9 got me involved. And then it sort of transferred me over to the, our team. And it’s a phenomenal team I had never, ever even imagined having so much fun. And then I ended up doing after I did all the tests and did the fitting. And when you walk in, so like this little sitting area and that you see all the outfits of a show that you recognize the outfits, it’s kind of hard not to get geeked out.

I did get to meet Skylar, that is Marty Berg’s son. On one of the main scenes, the first scene that I did with them, I was able to work directly with him. And it’s one of the scenes where we had to re-enact that was so much fun. And meeting him he’s clearly had grown up and the whole cast, as soon as he walked on set, it was like, ah, give him big hugs and kisses. And I’m, you know… Oh my gosh.

And then we shot the scene. They had the whole setup out where they do the filming and we had so much fun. And we ended up writing back to the production area, the production warehouse with he and his mom and his tutor. And it was a really very telling moment when you learn a little bit of insight and you get to see behind the scenes, how the various actors and actresses, and I am sure many of the Nine9 team can attest. It’s a very endearing moment to see how much these, the younger actors and actresses have so much support and have so much on top of the adults that are there, but they have a lot of support and a lot of backups. It was really cool to see that it actually got me interested in potentially getting my daughter and my son involved.

Nine9 Talent Brandy Rinehart

It’s not good. It doesn’t feel quite as shady like some of the bad eighties stuff behind the scenes. And now you’re like these guys aren’t really caring and everyone’s pretty, pretty protective of each other. It was very sweet.

I’ll tell you another buddy for the story prospecting as a team that actually had to reenact a scene where he was holding a gun to be was, was pretty, pretty intense and a real gun, but it very sweet. You don’t realize the layers and layers of protection that the actors and actresses go through. I was blown away by that. I was in a situation where they were holding a gun to me as the body double for Helen and those are cast and they’re their support group. Their entire behind the scenes were so good and so thorough about explaining what was going on.

And, and then you’d have another person to explain it to you, like, this is not a loaded weapon. You’re all of these like procedures that we don’t realize while we’re watching these amazing series that there’s so much behind the scenes that they take care of, that I was kind of blown away by it. It was an really, really amazing educational experience too, which I loved.

That was one of the most amazing things that I love about Nine9. I was very impressed with the sort of handoffs there was this really amazing sense of here’s what’s happening. We’re giving this to you, here’s this great gift, take the gift and do with it, what you will, you may open it and enjoy this amazing gifts, or you can take it and crush it and grasp it and throw in the trash. You can do whatever you want.

And I opened it and I had so much fun. When I first went on set to Ozarks, I had this jaw-dropping moment where I realized I had my own trailer and my own makeup and hair people, which I, which you kind of realize after the fact how much fun as an extra, when you’re in the background, sometimes you don’t do hair and makeup. They’re just, you kind of show up. And I had been fortunate enough to be an extra in a couple of different movies that were not with Nine9, but when I was much younger, like high school college, and you kind of get through this place where, oh, I am just over here doing stuff. But then when you have these amazing opportunities, you can be a body double. You can be a non-speaking extra where they still have to do hair and makeup on you and they will dress you and you have to do a wardrobe fitting.

Nine9 Talent Brandy Rinehart in Ozark

And it doesn’t, you’d be shocked. It doesn’t take forever. The thing that actually took forever this year was just getting your COVID testing, which can go away, but whatever. I had this really great opportunity. The two times I was on set with those are, was to meet with both the hair and makeup ladies and the executive producer and the agent that is there that works with those producers. And with that set to book. So, there’s not only Nine9, then there is the subgrade casting agency that did the research and found me through Nine9. Like, I did not know, part of my own, which was a whole another facet of Nine9 that I thought was really cool. I didn’t even apply for, I did not even apply for Ozarks. They, that casting agent that works independent was knowledgeable about Nine9. They did the research had communicated with the Nine9 team?

And then she found me, and then that was my go-to. And she is reached out to me, and they are now submitting me to maybe doing a Marvel movie. And she asked me what I want to be as comfortable in Marvel. And I’m like, let me think about it. Yeah. I’m definitely going to want to be a stunt double in Marvel. So, the cool thing was, I created a rapport with that middleman casting agency that was separate from Nine9, and then on top of it. And that was a lot of the background team, which would be the hair and makeup people and made friends with the makeup. I don’t put any makeup on my known, as you can tell, I’m not all that great would make up, but I ended up getting tips from her summer about my lotions and about some of my own skin conditions.

I have super, super bad Rosacea at times. And she gave me all these amazing tips and creams and lotions and stuff. And then we exchanged numbers. So we text each other every once in a while. And I’ve asked her she’s honestly amazing. And the casting agent, that is the go-between for Ozark and sour Nine9 is now like, I literally just wished her a happy mother’s day and Happy Valentine’s I hope you are having fun. And it isn’t this just like, thank you we’re done with you. You create this really fun relationship with them. And then I’ll get this text of, Hey so-and-so is filming a video here. Do you want to do a video for Luda? And I’m like I don’t, I mean, I can use, I live back and forth in both Chicago and Atlanta and I I’m in Chicago that week. I would love to like, no worries. No worries. I’ll keep you posted. So, you know, just some staying friendly and keeping connections with some of the cast and it agency that works with Ozark. I have been invited to do a Marvel body double and a Ludicrous video.

Nine9 Talent Brandy Rinehart

One of them, my favorite things about being a talent with Nine9. Yeah. And I will be brutally honest during the COVID I, as with a lot of us times got a little tight and I’m like, I know there’s sort of, there was automated deductions. And I’m like, he know, I don’t think I like, I need to do that right now. And then thankfully, I completely forgot about it. And it’s like, no, you never know. It’s kind of like the equivalent of when things aren’t necessarily going to greatest, you never know what’s going to happen. And even as a single mom who runs a separate business, that has nothing to do with being a talent for Nine9. I love the idea of having secondary income. That really, really meant a lot to me. And I realized very quickly that you never know what’s going to happen.

Plus the truth is, Nine9 really did create some really fun stories and really fun experiences that when I am zooming with my friends or family and everybody is like, okay, what are you doing now? What are you doing anything now? Hey, booked anything. And it’s hilarious. Nobody cares that I run my own custom cabinetry and premium interior shop. They all want to know have I been booked for anything. I’m like, okay, well I got information on this. Alright. So it’s kind of just a, the idea that you have this great opportunity to be a part of something that it’s not, it’s not it’s not very picky about whatever echelon, whatever your background, whatever your experience, you still have the ability to be a part of the talent there and not feel like you’re less than who you are. What advice would I give to somebody thinking about being a talent with Nine9, keep saying yes. Cause you never know what can come from. What seems like a really small, nothing very quickly can evolve into a very big something.

Thanks so much. We are so proud of all of our talent and love to share their stories. As told by them every chance we get it motivates us to keep working, to help all of our talent succeed. And hopefully it helps you to know a little more about us. We hope you’ve enjoyed this talent spotlight and encourage you to check them all out past and future.

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