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Nine9 Review – Talent Spotlight with Dan Matteucci

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Welcome to another spotlight of just one of our successful talent. This is where our talent get a chance to share their experiences, impressions, and sometimes their advice with you. These people are just like you and came to Nine9 with just the dream. And now they’re being featured nationally and locally in commercials, TV series, movies, and more enjoy.

My name is Dan Matteucci. I’ve been with Nine9 for about five years, but my first impression with Nine9 was a positive impression. It was something that I knew that I would succeed really well. So yes, I have tried to get into the industry before Nine9. But I haven’t really had a lot of good luck. And once I met Nine9, I was able to do a lot more and a lot of doors started to open up for me. Some of the projects that I was fortunate to be able to get with nine, nine would be a TV show called turn on AMC. I was able to get on that show for four years as a recurring actor. And that was something very big for me that a Nine9 was able to submit me and that I was casting for.

And not only that, but to be able to be on the show for four years was just huge. It was a big deal. And then after the TV show turn, I was able to get cast at multiple other projects Marshall’s TV series and movies like the fast and the furious commercials for Chrysler and Jeep and so much more, so many more other projects that I was able to get into because of nine, nine. So I would say so because of the TV show turn because I was on that show for so long, I believe that that was definitely one of the biggest opportunities that I’ve had to also to be able to prepare me for something bigger. Because it was a show that’s still playing on Netflix right now, you know, four years later is still going.

People are still watching and the rates are just skyrocket. So I believe that that was a huge thing for me. And we’ll bring in other clients other managers and you know, get to something bigger and bigger shows, bigger movies and so on, but that was definitely something really big for me. The advice that I would give someone that’s interested in getting into the industry and to join Nine9 would be do it just don’t wait. You know, you want to be an actor. You want to be in the entertainment industry. The longer you wait, the harder it’s going to be to get in. So the sooner you can get in the better it’s going to be for your career and everything around you. So I would just, I would sign up. I would go see what it’s all about and just and take it from there.

Thanks so much. We are so proud of all of our talent and love to share their stories. As told by them every chance we get it motivates us to keep working, to help all of our talent succeed. And hopefully it helps you to know a little more about us. We hope you’ve enjoyed this talent spotlight and encourage you to check them all out past and future to learn more about Nine9, and how you can possibly become our next breakout talent. Feel free to attend our next virtual open call register below.

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