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Hassle-Free Salon-Quality Hair at Half the Price

It’s no secret.  Haircare can get expensive.  A simple cut at a high-end salon could cost you $40.  And, let’s not even get started on adding in additional services.  Luckily, there are a few ways you can rock an awesome look with a limited budget. First of all, don’t wash every day.  It’s not good […]


Change Your Look, Change Your Outlook

You’ve decided – new year, new you.  You’re looking to switch things up a bit, starting with your appearance.  Maybe a new cut is just the thing you need to turn heads at the next audition.  Or, more dramatic makeup will pair nicely with that bold outlook on life you’ve recently embraced.  Where to start? […]


The Importance of Positive Affirmations

“Rejection is hard in any capacity – especially if you are in a profession as personal as acting.  It can be difficult to accept setbacks in a career when they seem like setbacks in a dream,” says Denise Simon of Backstage.  Many times, those on the big screen make it seem like they got to […]


Making the Most of a Model Call

You saw the sign!  There’s going to be a model call in your area.  This is going to be your big break – you just know it!  But, you have no idea what to expect.  What should you bring?  What should you wear?  How should you do your hair?  Don’t fret.  There are a few […]


Effective Self-Management

When you’re getting your start in entertainment, you will likely be representing yourself and “your brand,” which is a consistent image you will project to those you hope to work within the industry.  This means you must ensure your marketing tools are current and you manage your schedule in a way that optimizes the number […]


Flu Season: How to Prevent Losing your Voice Before an Audition

People everywhere are getting sick, but missing an audition can be devastating. Of course, showing up to an audition while you are sick can be counterproductive, as you run the risk of frustrating the Director (they don’t like being exposed to the flu) and losing out on the rest you need to get better. However, […]


Dress to Impress: What to Wear to an Audition

The saying “dress the part” is a mainstream motto for a reason.  When preparing for an audition, you’ve likely spent some serious time reviewing a script and memorizing lines. Yet, even if you feel confident in your ability to present with ease, you may miss the mark without the appropriate dress.  So, what should you […]


Martin Scorsese Movie Casting in Miami

Casting teams are looking for new talent to work on movie scenes filming on January 11th in Miami, Florida. They need all types of talent for a new movie directed by Martin Scorsese and written by Gangs of New York writer, Steve Zaillin. About The Irishman will reunite Scorsese with Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. De Niro will […]

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