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Break out The Summer Sandals: Nail Care 101

As we head into flip-flop season, it’s time to talk some nail care 101 to ensure we’re putting our best foot forward – literally – while also considering our fingertips.  How can you ensure your nails aren’t neglected before you slip on a pair of summer shoes? If there’s some serious repair work to do […]


3 Atlanta Talent Booked For ‘The Darkest Minds’ Film

Adapted from Alexandra Bracken’s book series of the same name, the Dystopian future style story takes place in alternate-America type of internment camps where the remaining population of children lives and continue to survive after a deadly disease kills 98% of youth under the age of twenty. After a sixteen-year-old girl discovers the truth about […]


Exercising On-the-Go

Must-Dos When You’re Doing Too Much So, you know you need to exercise – it’s good for you, will give you more energy, and you’ll shine in your portfolio photos.  But, you’re always on the go and can never find time to dedicate to a regimented program.  It just seems like so much work to […]


Party Themes Sure to Sell

Entertainment is all about networking, and, er – entertaining.  So, it should come as no surprise that you may be asked to plan events in which industry professionals and talent can mix and mingle.  If you’ve been handed such a task and have to come up with a party theme, here are some no-fail ideas […]


Brian From Atlanta Booked For The Quad Episode

One of our Atlanta area talent was booked for the BET channel’s scripted show series “THE QUAD“. Now in its second season, the series follows ambitious yet troubled Dr. Eva Fletcher, the newly-elected President of the fictional Georgia A&M University. Upon arriving, Eva is charged with saving the prestigious HBCU from bankruptcy and her twenty-year marriage […]


Get Beach-Ready in No Time Flat

As spring approaches, we inevitably start thinking about summer.  And, when we think about summer, we suddenly remember it’ll soon be bathing suit weather.  We’ll be lathering up and lounging around the pool in no time.  As we pull out last summer’s ware and start trying things back on, here are a few things we […]


Simple Ways To Eat Right While On the Go

You’re running all over the place, and you know you have to follow a healthy diet, so you can fit into that wardrobe you’ll be wearing in your next photoshoot and maintain the energy needed to stay on the go.  But, how are you going to find the time to make well-balanced meals that are […]


Hassle-Free Salon-Quality Hair at Half the Price

It’s no secret.  Haircare can get expensive.  A simple cut at a high-end salon could cost you $40.  And, let’s not even get started on adding in additional services.  Luckily, there are a few ways you can rock an awesome look with a limited budget. First of all, don’t wash every day.  It’s not good […]

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