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Why Sabrina Carpenter is a Disney Channel Star

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At the ripe old age of 16, Sabrina Carpenter is considered as a star in many parts of the world. Her story is extraordinary indeed. In many interviews, she has consistently said that her motivation was to always become a famed personality by her own right. She brings a strong presence to the set and is a role model to many teenagers around the world. Her achievements are worth noting, and she exemplifies a strong personality and a desire to overcome challenges on her way to stardom. At this point, the most obvious question would be how did she do it?’Let us talk about that.

Acting beginnings

Carpenter’s first role in the set came in 2011, where she played a rape victim in Law and Order. Her cameo did not exactly cause waves, but it offered a great launching pad on to a dazzling array of achievements that were to come in the years after that. In the following months, the actress’s star went on to shine even brighter, leading to roles that served to showcase her raw talent and growing fame. At around the same time, she successfully attempted to juggle her acting roles with a fledgling music career.

Two years down the lane, Carpenter was a much sough-after prospect. She won herself a role in The Goodwin Games, where she is cast as young Chloe. She also landed acting gigs on channels such as ABC and most importantly, Disney. The latter would go on to become one of her most fulfilling engagements. Since early 2014, the young actress has been a huge part of the crew of Girl Meets world. The Disney Channel production has served to popularize the actress, and the engagement looks set to continue right in to the future. In fact, Carpenter is expected to play Jenny in further Adventures in Babysitting, which premieres in 2016.

An eye on the music

In 2011, Carpenter performed live on television for the first time in her life. This happened on a Chinese television station known as Hunan Broadcasting System. At first, she did not really write her own music, focusing on chat toppers from great musicians instead. Her live performances were not always a favorite of the critics but the exposure and experience she gathered were priceless. In March 2014, she came out with Cant Blame a Girl for Trying. The song received a lot of airplay on Radio Disney, leading to a scramble among many radio stations to grab copies of their own. On the very same day the track was heard on radio, it was availed on iTunes.

Sabrina Carpenter has always loved singing, and this is solidified by the fact that she has participated in many theme songs on Disney Channel. She has consistently lent her vocals whenever the need arose, and this has served to further increase her exposure. Her path towards musical independence passed a significant milestone in February 2015. At this point, it was announced that she would soon be releasing her first album, aptly known as Eyes Wide Open. The album was released to the public barely two months later. It received positive reviews from critics across the board and the fans loved it.

Musical accolades

In April 2015, Carpenter became the proud recipient of a Disney award for the best crush song in the event. The song in this case was Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying. In numerous interviews, she has said that her musical influences are songs by Adele and Christina Aguilera.

What makes Carpenter a normal person?

While most teenagers in the country adore Sabrina, most feel that they are not good enough to cross the milestones she has. However, the truth is that the actress is perfectly normal and experiences what every other teenager does. She has admitted to fear at some points of her career .She has been heavily criticized for her performance at certain points, but she has always stayed afloat. Like every other teen out there, she has her moments and when that happens, she seeks the support of her sister Sara, who has appeared alongside her on the set from time to time.


Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter is a Disney star and an artiste in her own right. However, she is no different from anyone else, which goes to show that you can get where you want, if only you believe in yourself.

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