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What’s in Your Purse?

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Maximizing Minimal Space

What fills your tote is more important than you may think when you are always on the run.  After all, you only have so much room to work with.  What are some must-haves you’re likely to reach for?  By making a few simple switches, you can maximize space.

Buy a multi-functional wallet with many slots for credit cards, gift and loyalty cards, your drivers’ license and other IDs.  Make sure it has a slot for emergency cash and side pocket for change, too.  You never know what you’ll need it.  Change is great to have handy for metered parking.

Hair and makeup must-haves could include a travel-sized bottle of hair spray, mini-comb or brush and compactible touch-up kits.  Add chapstick or your favorite lipstick in key chain form attached to the side.  You can throw a bottle of hand sanitizer or hand lotion on the side as well.  Purchase inexpensive carriers at just about any drug store or at Bath & Body Works the next time you’re at the mall.

Essential drug store finds to keep handy include acid reducers, stomach soothers, and headache medication, just in case your body doesn’t want to cooperate with your busy schedule.  Buy travel-sized options or a small container that’ll store all.  You can always refill.  You can use a multi-compartment pill case or throw them all together in one small bottle.  Just carry as many as you’d need for an emergency and re-stock whenever necessary.

You’ll likely want to carry a pen with you and perhaps a small note pad, too, although you can easily take notes on your smartphone to save even more space if you’re more technically-inclined.  You can also use the calculator and calendar functions on your phone to manage your schedule and expenses, and program in any phone numbers and email addresses immediately.  Use an app for driving directions so you know where to head next and the best way to get there.  Most of these will even forewarn you about accidents and other hazardous road conditions.

Speaking of technology, you’ll want to throw in a purse-sized, battery-operated phone charger.  You can also carry a small charging port to plug in anywhere you go and make sure to carry the version that’ll plug into a cigarette lighter in the car as well.  This way, you’ll be able to keep your devices fully operational while out and about!

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