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What Your Sense of Fashion Says About You

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Let’s talk a little fashion psychology, shall we?  It’s often been said that what we wear says a lot about who we are.  This is obvious because we tend to only wear things that we feel good in, right?  So, if our clothes are left to do the talking, here are what some popular pieces would be saying about us.

Dare Devil. Pieces that include bold patterns, pattern confliction, glitz and glamour loudly announce your presence.  If you choose to wear more daring finds, you are likely to come across as a “show stopper.”  Selecting sparkle and shine and opting to wear a bright top to your next casting call is sure to turn heads.

Fashionista. If you’ve planned a shopping trip based solely on a Pinterest board and the latest issue of Glamour magazine, your hip fashion sense will tell others are you up on the trends and willing to do your homework.  Wearing the latest fashion finds to an audition is likely to show the decision-makers you are in-the-know and willing to work.

All Business. If you arrive in office casual or a nice sweater and your favorite pair of black slacks, you’re essentially telling others you’re all business.  You’re likely to come across as professional and goal-oriented.  But, you aren’t likely to be demonstrating any versatility or spontaneity.  So, wear business ware with care and consider adding a pop of color, perhaps.

Free Spirit. If you’ve chosen an oddly paired ensemble including psychedelic tights topped with a vintage skirt, a fuzzy sweater and messy hair bun, you’re likely to project disorganization – but, perhaps in a fun way.  It’s all in how you present while wearing these eccentric choices.  Do you do a lot for clothes?  Of course, you do!  You may be able to pull it off and showcase a sense of individuality that’ll help you stand out from your competition.

Individualist. Maybe while auditioning for the part of a sexy seductress, you’re willing to wear bright red, while you opt for a pencil shirt and French twist for a role of a business exec.  If this is most likely to describe your selections, you could be what Michelle Horton of Babble refers to as “The Closet Chameleon.”  You never know what you’ll get with the chameleon, and this fashion sense definitely suggests spontaneity and a willingness to go with the flow, which is often essential in entertainment.

Keep in mind, while you’re prepping for your next big opportunity, your fashion choices may be viewed as a reflection of who you are.  Making the proper picks is important when you’re putting yourself out there and hoping to land that next big part.

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