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What Genre Strikes Your Fancy?

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If you’re looking to be a film actor, you may already have the types of productions in mind you’re eager to get involved in.  Did you grow up on Disney classics, romantic comedies, or thrillers?  Do you love to binge-watch horror movies or satirical spoofs with your friends?  Chances are, you’ll want to land a starring role in the genres that excite you the most.

Of course, your look and style have to portray whatever character you’re hoping to play.  Make sure your headshot reflects this image.  If you want to play the role of a sweet and innocent teen with a first crush, lose the black lipstick and piercings prior to your monologue reading.  If you want to play a sadistic killer in a horror movie, you may want to step up the edginess. 

If you have your heart set on a particular type of production, by all means pursue roles in this genre.  However, remember to stay open-minded.  If there simply aren’t any options out there to get your start in your dream film, you’ll have to adapt.  Take a look at what’s available and consider taking these on while you continue your search.

Of course, when a movie first comes out, the public may be fixated on the main character because they are still unaware of all of the film’s elements.  If an actor they are familiar with has a starring role, they’re more likely to investigate further to see if it’s worth their while.  And, this is one of the top reasons some actors stick with a particular genre once they’ve landed a few roles in productions with similar plots.  Audiences will inevitably come to love what they see and be drawn into future films simply because of past experience.

It is difficult to break the mold, though, once you’re “stuck” in a particular part.  Audiences feel as if they’ve come to know an actor based on this part and when the actor attempts to transition, this decision can be met with mixed emotions.  Consider some of Hollywood’s top names, such as Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, or Will Ferrell who’ve come to be loved for particular roles and have been met with a varied reaction after trying to step out of these.  It’s not impossible, but it takes a ton of preparation and talent.  If you pull it off, you will certainly prove your worth in the industry and stay busy!

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