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What a Model should bring to a Marie Claire shoot

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You have booked your actor head-shot photo shoot or model portfolio (or you have been employed as a model), but you are not sure what to expect next. Do not worry. If you prepare well, you will be able to handle any situation. In photo shoots, there are essential things that you will need to bring along regardless of the shoot. You can always add on the list depending on the purpose of the shoot, the shoot can be for your own personal portfolio or for the client.

The first thing that you must have is an inexpensive airline carry-on size suitcase. The ideal one is the one that has numerous internal storage areas and pockets. Additionally, make sure that the bag has a telescoping handle and wheels.

Hair and Makeup

The best advice is that you pack as if you are travelling out of town for the weekend and you did not know where exactly you are going and who you will meet. The secret here is being well-prepared. Even if makeup artists and hair stylist are on site as part of the shoot, always prepare for the worst, as you never know what you might run into. So, when packing remember to include the following:

• Mirror
• Scrunchies and hair clips ( to hold your hair back to have make-up applied)
• Face and hand moisturizer
• Makeup removal wipes and facial tissue
• Tweezers, emery boards, and nail clippers
• Flat irons or curling irons
• Picks, combs, and hair brushes
• Lashes and mascara( depending on the look that you desire)
• Cotton balls, nail polish remover, and nail polish.
• Standard make-up kit including several shades of powders, lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows.


If you have booked the photo shot for your personal portfolio, you have probably given a lot of consideration to the looks’ that you want to capture. If you have not yet got the perfect look, go through the latest copies of Glamour, Vanity Fair or Elle (or GQ for the men) at the newsstand to get the ideas flowing.

Solid colors are much better than patterns. In a picture, you want your face to be the center of attraction, not the distracting clothes. To make things even worse, some textures in some fabric create a moiré pattern when they get photographed.

Accessories are fundamental to a successful editorial shoot. Create the drama with appropriate accessories, not loud’ clothes.Go for the over-stated look since insignificant and subdued will get lost in the picture and may end up being more of a diversion.

It is also a good idea to bring along drinks, for instance, Gatorade or bottled water. Particularly if you are shooting outside. You may also want to think of bringing a cooler with ice to pack the drinks and anything else that you want to keep cool as you continue with the shoot.

If your shoot is going to take a long period of time, you might want to consider packing a light meal, or a few snacks. Fruits are preferred than candy’ items, and will help in providing the energy that you need to complete the shoot.

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