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How to Make Your Work Work While on Vacation

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The entertainment industry never sleeps, but that doesn’t mean the stars don’t vacation.  Every once in awhile it’s important to get away for a bit.  However, there are a few things aspiring actors and models can do while on the road to keep them close to their craft.

The number one thing every talent should remember is that regardless of locale, there are always plenty of networking opportunities.  So, even though you’re taking a much-needed retreat from reality, it’s important to remember not to shy away from the social scene and mix and mingle.  Casting Director Lana Veenker recommends exploring events at your destination through actor organizations or sites like MeetUp, Couchsurfing, and social media.  There’s likely to be something happening that will keep you connected.  You could have a happenstance encounter with someone when you least expect it who will turn your career around!

Don’t forget to follow your usual exercise and diet routine while away, too.  Ask for a hotel with a workout room.  Take a morning run on the beach and or do laps in the swimming pool.  And, help yourself to local goodies, such as fresh fruits and delicacies you may not otherwise have an opportunity to eat.  Remember to drink plenty of water if you’re traveling to a tropical hotspot.

Of course, don’t forget to relax a bit.  Bring along a monologue, script, or how-to title to hone your skills while taking a time out on a lounge chair.  Pop in your headphones and tune into an industry-related Podcast while soaking up some rays.  Take advantage of the quiet time away from the distractions of home to practice a new dialect or for a role you’ve been considering.

If you’re really into the area you’re staying at and hope to return research area film and theater schools.  Veenker recommends popping in and asking a few basics to see if their program will help your career along.  You can also attend an audition for a project filming nearby.  Your vacation could automatically be extended if you land a role!

Keep track of your expenses and save receipts, particularly if you travel to an audition, attend an event, or take local talent out to dinner to ask about opportunities in the area, so you can use these as business write-offs at the end of the year.  As long as your expeditions are related to your career in entertainment, you can likely deduct associated fees.

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