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Tyler Perry and Oprah Movie Casting Nationwide

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The casting team for an ambitious animated film needs voice actors to play minor characters. The movie is called The Star and it features several well known actors and actresses. The team is looking for actors with different types of voices to play supporting roles.

The Star is an animated kid’s movie about the religious nativity scene when the baby Jesus was born. It is considered a comedy, but it is also meant to educated children. The film focuses on a donkey named Bo and his quest to be apart of the nativity scene that everyone in the area is talking about. He wants to be apart of something incredible, but too many people see him simple as an old donkey that doesn’t deserve to be there.

Date: April 17th to June 30th

Where: Nationwide

Pay: Dependent upon role

They are seeking talent to be paid Extras:

The movie features the voices from a huge cast of famous celebrities like Kelly Clarkson, Keegan-Michael Key, Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry. Sony Pictures Animation and Cinesite Studios are the creators.

Auditions will take place online through Skype interviews and in person if chosen for the second bath of auditions.

Project Type: Tyler Perry Movie
Location: Nationwide
Start Date: Spring 2017
Shooting Schedule: April
Send resumes to:

The animated feature film is set to premiere on November 10th, 2017

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