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In the meantime… In an effort to inspire you, please view these video testimonials of just a few of our successful talent.

If they can do it, then so can you! 

Meet Dan, a hard working Nine9 Talent that has been with Nine9 for 5 years. His most prominent role has been featured in a couple of seasons of the ABC series “Turn: Washington Spies.” His most recent project was a small extra spot  in the “Wonder Woman 1984” film.

Meet Brandon, a laser focused Nine9 Talent who is diligently mastering his craft of being an actor. He used what he learned from our Talent Training Workshops to land prominent roles in multiple episodes of Stars hit TV show ‘BMF’ Executive Produced by 50 Cent. His most recent project was a ‘Featured Extra’ in the Netflix comedy-drama series “Cobra Kai.”

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the hit Netflix series ‘Ozark” but this Nine9 talent tells exactly how she landed the role of being a ‘Body Double’ for a major character in the series. If this video, Brandy goes into detail on how she landed the role, what it was like being on set and how she networked her way into other prominent roles in the future.