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5 Tips to Make You Look Even Better at Your Job

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The modeling world is a tough industry to break into.  From worldwide pageants to local castings for small commercials, the competition is fierce.  But how do you become fiercer so that you can surpass the competition?  Here are some useful tips that are proven to work in this industry:

Be Prepared 

You know that modeling and acting are tough, so why sell yourself short and come ill-prepared?  Go the extra distance to make sure you are 100% ready for whatever you are preparing for.  If you are an extra in a movie, or preparing for the Miss Universe Pageant, you should still prepare the same.  Take your job seriously because the people that hired you take their jobs seriously and they expect you do the same. Research the company or organization and know it like the back of your hand.  Sleep as well as you can before your audition or job and speak with audacity when your employers are talking to you.  Even though you might be unfamiliar with your new surroundings or the people around you, try your best to act like you’ve done this before.  Don’t act overconfident because you might come off as arrogant. Prepare for success and you will be successful.

Be Yourself and Embrace Your Characteristics

Nobody likes when you try to be somebody else unless you are acting in a feature film.  Casting directors and employers want you to be yourself and embrace the unique characteristics that you possess. Uniqueness and quirkiness can sell, and agencies love to see new faces that pack an exclusive flair.  Don’t hide your flawed features, embrace them for their beauty.  Agencies would rather see you rock that birthmark on your arm with confidence rather than cover it up in self consciousness.  BE YOURSELF because there is nobody exactly like you and you will impress future employers if you embrace that knowledge.

Be Outgoing and Professional

If you mumble your words, employers or interviewers will think you are lazy or timid.  Personality is just as important as your beautiful looks, so be outgoing!  While it is important to be lively, it is also important to be professional.  You don’t want to come off as immature or annoying because you are trying to hard to impress.  Just speak clearly, smile confidently, and be outgoing enough to show your true self.  If you have an outgoing AND professional demeanor, you are bound to turn heads.

Make Your Profile as Perfect as Possible

Your modeling portfolio is your resume that will give potential employers a first impression about you. Needless to say, your portfolio is extremely important in giving people a first-look at your skills.  Make your portfolio unique and professional, emphasizing how comfortable you are in front of the camera.  A few great photographs may look better than several decent ones, so be concise in choosing.

Love What You Do

Not everyone has the beauty and confidence that you were gifted with, so embrace it.  Love what you do, and never take your career or your beauty for granted!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!