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To Tan or Not to Tan before a Shoot in Vanity Fair

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Before making a decision on whether or not to tan, you should consider the setting and ambiance of the photo shoot and the season. Photographers have different opinions concerning tanning, however a larger percentage prefer working with the skin in its natural color and using body makeup where necessary. If possible, get in touch with the photographer beforehand and get a feel of what they envision for the shoot. Vanity Fair shoots are famous for their candor and personality’, you do get to play a part in making decisions on your appearance and what the photos will look like. In the past, the shoots have had both women with tans and those without and generally the photos have been spectacular.

Applied well, body makeup is a splendid replacement for a tan that may go wrong. The main pros of tanning are that it results in photos in which your eyes look brighter, teeth look whiter and helps to cover up imperfections on the skin such as pimples. In addition, getting a tan will make your body appear slimmer and muscles more defined. If tan lines already exist (for example bikini lines from time spent out in the sun) then it is advisable to get a tan to even out the skin’s appearance.

Generally for men, the rule is to get a tan between two and three shades darker than your skin color for muscle definition. If the shoot is of a group, it is best for all parties involved to stick to their natural skin tones or use bronzers applied on the day of the shoot. This makes the compositions appear cohesive and easier to balance.

If you choose to get a sunless tan from a salon, get it done professionally, and ensure to use a stand up booth instead of a tanning bed. Visiting the tanning booth several times will ensure an even tan without pesky tan lines that are very hard to cover up. To be safe, avoid overdoing it, two to three shades darker results in a healthy glow, more than that, you risk appearing orange. For those who choose to get a tan the natural way, ensure to wear lots of sun screen and take the time to alternate between suits with different cuts to get an even tan. Whichever way you choose to get a tan, ensure that you get it in time so that any mishaps can be dealt with before the shoot.

It is best to avoid spray on tans before a Vanity Fair shoot; they make your skin appear orange and unnatural especially under the bright lights. Also, over 90 percent of the time, it appears streaky in photos not to mention excess product on palms, feet, knees and elbows. Tanning also creates a problem in color harmony and context when the editors try to adjust your skin color to make it appear more natural and have to change the color in other parts of the photo as well.

When all is said and done, the most important thing to have for a Vanity Fair shoot is lots of confidence and personality that radiate your true beauty.

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