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Tips for Working in Entertainment

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Taking a position in entertainment can be exciting, especially if you’ll be directly responsible for helping talent get their big break.  It’s important to remember, however, that entertainment doesn’t sleep.  Expect to put in hard work in order to reap the benefits.  Here are some tips for success:

  1. Have a thick skin. Rejection is part of the industry.  Don’t take things too personally.  Rather, focus on what you can learn from a negative situation.  Feedback, good or bad, is critical for growth.
  2. Put in the hours. Working in the industry means you’ll have to remain highly flexible and be willing to jump into action at the drop of a hat.  There is always another opportunity around the bend – maybe the “one” that will propel your career forward.  Any gig, big or small, is a great portfolio builder.
  3. Look your best. Like it or not, image matters in entertainment, and looking your best will allow you to present with confidence.  It’s true that one should dress for the part, whether you’re in front of the camera or behind the scenes.  This can be as simple as dressing appropriately and professionally, and practicing good hygiene, but it will definitely go a long way.
  4. Get connected. Entertainment is a who’s who industry and networking is a must.  In order to be on the list of those who are “in the know” about the latest projects, you must connect with other industry professionals.  Building a solid and ever-fluid base of contacts will ensure you stay busy and well-informed.
  5. Stay honest with yourself. Working in this industry is not for everyone.  It takes courage, confidence and drive.  The ability to stay flexible and go the extra mile is vital.  The reward is worth the risk, to be sure, but at times it can be exhausting or feel overwhelming.  If you think you need to make an exit, it simply may not be the path you’re supposed to be on.  Stay true to yourself and your authenticity will be evident to others.

The entertainment industry is an exhilarating place to be, especially for those who enjoy the constant hustle and bustle of a fast-paced position.  There’s never a dull moment, but it takes determination and a willingness to try and try again in order to realize success.  There are big breaks and big payouts for those who can keep up!

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