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This Career Choice is More Challenging than it Seems

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Acting may look easy, but that’s only because those on the big screen make it appear that way.  And, they do it so flawlessly, it looks like they’re everyday people who got lucky.  Many newbie actors think there’s nothing to it, but the truth is, acting is an art form.  Just as you cannot expect to wake up one day and be the world’s greatest Olympic athlete, acting takes practice and commitment to the craft to succeed.

There is a special skillset the top players possess which helps them come across as believable to audiences.  Rest assured, they’ve worked very hard to be at the top.  The best of the best are professionally trained and are continually practicing and looking to perfect their skills.  They are well-versed in a myriad of genres and techniques and can seamlessly transition from one to another because of their dedication. 

If you want to be a great actor, it will take hard work.  You have to invest in this career choice just the same as any other to truly make it.  This means you cannot expect to skim through a script and have no additional training and nail the first part you audition for.  While anything is possible, your chances are slim.  There will always be someone who shows up with more experience.

The same goes for modeling.  Your good looks will only get you so far.  Learning how to perfect your poses, about lighting and movement, about makeup palettes and hairstyles, and how to walk a runway are essentials you should have in your back pocket.  No matter how attractive you are there will always be someone else who shows up to an open call with more knowledge, ready to work, and who also fits what agencies are looking for. 

The best advice is not to take any chances.  If you were interviewing for any other professional position that requires a special talent, you would make sure you possessed this before showing up.  Treat any acting or modeling opportunity as a chance to show off what you’ve got.  When you schedule an appointment to meet with an industry insider, be on time and prepared.  Dress professionally, and if there are specific wardrobe requirements, abide by these.  Update and bring your marketing materials with you.

If you think you can wing it, it’ll probably take just one time for you to realize this career choice isn’t as simple as it looks.  And, in the ultra-competitive and who’s who entertainment world, it may be the only shot you have!

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