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“The Rock” Rocks a Simple Acronym on Social Media for Continued Success

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It goes without saying that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson knows how to stay visible on the entertainment scene.  And, he credits much of his success to his social media strategy.  In fact, the actor has over 200 million followers.  So, what’s his formula for optimizing the benefits of social media?  V.I.C.E. – Value, Identity, Community, and Emotion.  Let’s take a look at each of these concepts in turn.

Value. This is all about maximizing a viewer’s experience when he or she visits your page by providing relevant and entertaining content that easily captures the attention of fans.

Identity. Offering some insight into who you are personally as well as professionally.  The most important thing is to strike a balance between the two – opening up just enough without oversharing and coming across as a real person who is still a megastar.

Community. This concept relates to sharing posts about what you’re passionate about, including charities, events, and causes.  If you contribute to these causes monetarily through speaking engagements or through some other personal connection, spreading the word on social media will let fans know you care.  You can even share the brands and companies you support, especially if you are engaged in any sponsorship or promotional activities as part of your career.

Emotion. This is an uber-important part of managing your social media brand.  What you share about yourself will inevitably evoke certain emotions in those viewing your pages, so make sure you are posting content the appropriately matches the emotional response you’re hoping to get.  Positive vibes are always welcome! 

The Rock consistently does all four of these on his pages, and this is why his social media front is so successful.  In turn, it’s the success of his brand that keeps him popular in the entertainment scene and busy booking gigs.  He’s talented, too, of course.  But he also understands the court of public opinion will make or break one’s reputation.

If you want to be visible and actively book auditions, make sure you are properly managing your brand.  This means staying active on social media and engaging with your followers.  Consider putting together a website, too, in the process.  And, be real – don’t worry about censoring yourself so much that you look like a clone of a person rather than who you really are.  

Remember V.I.C.E.  Keep this simple acronym in mind and you’ll be gaining added attention and building a winning empire in no time flat!

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!