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The Model Casting Process — What Casting Directors Look for During Go-Sees

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Modeling is a fiercely competitive industry where even the smallest details can be the deciding factor in a casting call. Understanding what casting directors are specifically looking for during go-sees can significantly elevate a model’s chances of booking jobs. Here is an in-depth guide on the critical elements that can influence the outcome of your go-see auditions.

Timeliness and Preparation

Punctuality is more than a courtesy; it’s a fundamental aspect of professional conduct in the modeling world. Models are expected to arrive on time, if not a bit early, which signals their commitment and organizational skills. Arriving well-prepared with a neatly organized portfolio, complete with recent work and clear identification of any exclusivity with brands or other conflicts, establishes a professional demeanor. Remember, preparation also includes having your personal information ready to expedite the paperwork process.

Appearance and Dress Code

Casting directors often need to envision how models will look in various roles, making the choice of attire pivotal. Models should opt for simple, classic clothing that doesn’t distract from their physical appearance. For instance, a plain white tee and jeans can be perfect as they provide a neutral base. Additionally, being asked to wear a swimsuit is common as it helps assess body proportions and posture more accurately. It’s advisable to choose swimwear that is flattering yet professional. Makeup should be minimal, emphasizing natural beauty and allowing your genuine features to shine through, which helps clients and directors see you as a versatile canvas.

Adaptability to Direction

The ability to quickly adapt to direction given during a go-see can significantly impact a model’s prospects. This includes changing poses or expressions to meet the specific needs of the campaign. Demonstrating versatility in this way shows that a model is not only skilled but also responsive and easy to work with, traits highly valued in the fast-paced modeling industry.

Professional Conduct During Interactions

Interactions with casting directors should be concise and professional. While it’s important to convey a warm and approachable personality, over-sharing or monopolizing the conversation can be off-putting. Instead, focus on engaging with clear, confident responses and maintaining a positive demeanor throughout the audition. This balance demonstrates that a model can handle the pressures of a shoot day while being personable and professional.

Understanding Your Niche

Identifying and understanding the types of modeling roles that best suit your look and personality—such as commercial, fashion, or print—can help streamline your career path and increase your chances of success. Models should have a clear understanding of where they fit within the market and communicate this effectively during go-sees. This not only helps casting directors make decisions more efficiently but also aligns your modeling career with the most suitable opportunities.

Receptiveness to Critique

Handling feedback constructively is essential. During go-sees, you may receive direct critiques about anything from your walk to your portfolio. Viewing such feedback as a valuable learning opportunity rather than criticism can help you grow and adapt in your career. Demonstrating that you can take direction and implement feedback on the spot is a testament to your professionalism and dedication to the craft.

Effective preparation, understanding industry expectations, and showcasing your adaptability and professionalism are crucial to succeeding in model go-sees. By mastering these elements, models can significantly enhance their appeal to casting directors and increase their chances of securing modeling contracts. The ability to navigate the nuances of go-sees with grace and professionalism sets the foundation for a successful modeling career.

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