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The Guide to Restoring Damaged Hair

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As an actor or model, you have an opportunity to take a big role in the upcoming movie, but something isn’t just adding up. You once had your hair glowing and healthy, but now, it is dull and dry, and the worst part is that you have everything to loose including your once notable personality. Don’t freak out yet. The bad news is, it won’t be a good idea to accept that role without doing something about it. The good news is; it is easier than you think. The question is, how do you beat the deadline? How do you get your damaged hair back to its glowing nature before shooting the video? Here are some quick and simple tips on how to restore your damaged hair before taking that long-awaited role.


If you are fond of chemicals, stop. It doesn’t matter how soon the deadline for shooting the video is. Chemicals will not only do further damages to your hair but also exaggerate the appearance. Naturally dark and glowing hair will always attract compliments from fans: A good tip for any female actor looking to make it big in the movie industry. So, the best way to restore your hair is to avoid excess use of chemicals.


If you are fond of brushing your hair more often, it is time to replace that with combing. Brushing especially with a plastic brush is known to damage hair faster than applying chemicals and other hair colors since they pull and break off the hair. Instead of brushing, comb your hair with a comb that has a wide tooth. Work on your hair gently and carefully noting the roots and the tips of your hair. It is also advisable to brush your hair when it is dry since, wet hair is known to be more fragile than dry hair.


The safest and the quickest shortcut to restore some dignity to your hair is to do some trimming. In fact, if you limited time to restore your hair, then trimming might save you some trouble. Trimming involves removal of unwanted parts of hair to make it look non-uniform. To achieve this, you are required to work on the lower ends of your hair considering longer parts of your hair.


If your hair is hydrated, it will always look healthy and glowing. Nothing does this better than a conditioner. The main purpose of shampoo is to ensure that no trace of dirt remains on your hair while the conditioner is meant to keep it shiny and hydrated. To get the best out of your conditioner, you are advised to apply it to your roots and using your fingers, distribute it throughout your hair. Lastly, you have to rinse it thoroughly when finished.


If you are healthy, your hair will be healthy, and there is no way better than choosing the right diet. Just like your body, your hair is highly dependent on what you eat. Therefore, it is recommended that you include lots of water, vitamins and protein in your diet. Other good foods include Omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat dairy and more. You can also get these required nutrients easily from supplements.


Damaged hair looks dull and dry; that might not be appealing to anyone. The best way to do away with dullness is to apply a hair mask on your hair. Among the best-known and easily accessible home made air masks include, honey, egg, banana, avocado and more. What you need to do is to apply the hair mask on your wet hair before a wash, follow it up with shampoo and lastly, a conditioner. This procedure is known to get rid of the dull and dry hair in a short period that is highly recommended for actors whose hair makes a big part of their personality.

Restoring damaged hair doesn’t require much time since hair grows faster. As a actor or model, glowing and healthy looking hair is a valuable asset that should be handled with care. Keeping your hair healthy might sometimes be a hard task and as humans, temptations to use shortcuts like chemicals isn’t a new thing. As a result, your hair will get damaged: One of the worst things that can happen to any female actor who values her hair. However, with the above quick and simple tips you can get your hair back to its glowing nature in no time.

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