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The Essentialness of Social Media

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Social media marketing is essential in the digital world and having an active and highly visible social media presence is sure to get you noticed in the entertainment industry.  There are a few sites that should be added to your plan in order to maximize exposure.

Facebook. It goes without saying that Facebook is a common marketing go-to.  First of all, it’s free to use and simple to set up, and chances are the majority of your friends, family members, acquaintances, and colleagues already have active accounts.  Facebook provides a great platform for broadcasting your photos and stats.  Updating your status and tagging entertainment-related events and projects you’ve participated in will help you to network, as will following and friending others in the industry.  Many casting companies have Facebook pages and nearly everyone in entertainment is active on the site in some way.  You’ll be able to find new opportunities easily and can even broadcast live any venues you attend.  You can also link your blog page to your account or include posts in your status updates.

Instagram. Instagram is a great tool, specifically, to post photos.  There are even self-proclaimed “Instagram models.”  Many IG models utilize the social media platform to boost visibility because they don’t necessarily fit into a typical modeling category, such as high fashion or plus-sized.  When companies and agents are looking for atypical, more “every day” models to market their products, Instagram is becoming their go-to.  Other IG models use Instagram as a means to increase visibility for other entrepreneurial or creative ventures.  19-year-old IG model Daisy (@PinkandTonic) says “If I already have this massive platform of people established, then anything I want to do, I already have a huge group of people I can market that to.”  That’s what creating a social media presence is all about, after all – building exposure.

Twitter.  Twitter provides a useful platform for broadcasting your brand.  Adding images and tweets on a constant basis will build visibility, and as you become more and more “known” in entertainment, your followers will grow along with your fan base.  They will turn to your Twitter page to view updates and being an active “tweeter” builds trust.  Twitter has a personal feel, much like texting, and the site helps fans feel connected to their industry idols.

YouTube This video creation tool is powerful regardless of the present one is trying to create.  Many self-help gurus use YouTube as a means to build client trust, as do tarot readers, religious leaders, professors, and, of course, those in entertainment.  Like other sites, YouTube enables fans to follow channels of interest.  Having an active channel is essential for maximizing your reach and building trust.  Plus, YouTube allows for monetization after a certain number of video views.  It’s been a great resource for series and short film creators and allows filmmakers to post trailers and sneak-peeks of their latest projects.

The key is to develop an integrated campaign that includes social media as one piece of a master plan, rather than going strictly the traditional route with a hardcopy portfolio or creating a webpage and calling it good.  As social media becomes second nature in our society, it has taken a seat front and center in the entertainment industry.

If you liked this post, please share with your friends!