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The Art of Auditioning for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel

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For many, performing in Nickelodeon or a Disney Channel production is a dream come true. You may be reading this article as you may be thinking of auditioning. Well, there are a few things that you should know so you can nail the auditions and get that role you always wanted.
So, should I pay for these auditions? What is the most important thing when auditioning? What image should I present when auditioning? And, what kind of preparations should I do? If you are asking these questions, then stick around as this article is going to answer these inquiries.
Paying For Auditions?

You may have big dreams, but be cautious of people who are willing to “help” for a fee. The entertainment industry is filled with a lot of dishonest people. Getting hired by Nickelodeon or Disney Channel requires you to do a lot of work, dedication and a bit of luck. But paying for an audition is certainly not one of them.

Presentation – The Key To Everything
Nickelodeon and Disney have casting calls each year. The casting calls are usually held in Los Angeles, New York City and Orlando. They will usually advertise the casting call details on websites such as Feld Entertainment, Walt Disney, Backstage and Playbill. Sometimes, the casting calls will include a workshop that you can attend in these major cities, and it’s usually with a casting director. The moment that you are being considered for a role or the moment you step into the audition room, you are being reviewed. Nickelodeon and Disney are one the lookout for actors or performers that are confident and positive. What they don’t like is someone that comes in with a sourpuss face and walks-in with heads down. Even if you are auditioning for a serious role, don’t pull such kind of negative image until they want you to act the role. So, walk-in with a big smile, bring out your upbeat personality and that side of yourself that can hold an entertaining and intelligent conversation.

Importance Of Image
Nickelodeon and Disney have a certain public image that they value. This means that if you do get hired to work for them, you will have to portray a healthy lifestyle. Nickelodeon and Disney wants to send a healthy, clean and positive image to the kids. These companies tend to perform check-ins regularly. This means that not only have to portray a good and positive image during the audition, you may have to portray a daily image that will portray the companies positively. Nickelodeon and Disney take these matters seriously. In fact, many well-known performers an actors has been fired from record labels and contracts for not able to maintain a positive lifestyle.
Choice Of Monologue Or Song
When you step-in for an audition, you will have to perform a monologue or sing a song. As mentioned before, the need to show high spirits and great energy is of utmost importance, and your choice of monologue or song should reflect that. Aside from that, pick a monologue or song that is appropriate for your range and age. Most importantly, make sure that it does not have any offensive material.You can sing a Disney song or perform a monologue from any of their movies. However, it pays to change it up, and don’t always go for the usual. Do some research on their old classic musicals. Also, it’s highly advised that you pick something that is funny as most audition judges welcome a good laugh to break the monotone of the work.
You may have big dreams of performing for Nickelodeon or Disney. Every dream needs to start somewhere, and nailing the audition is one of the first steps. As a tip, don’t forget to present yourself with confidence and high spirit, live a positive and healthy lifestyle and pick the right monologue.

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