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Wesley W

Talent ID: 240180
I am Wesley Word. I have been with Nine9 for more than a year. I've been utilizing the public castings for the purpose of getting roles. So far, I have gotten four roles. The first was a commercial for Lasik jewelry out of Rochester, MN. I also got one voice-over role for the University of Minnesota as a PA announcer for a series about the Big 10 football stadiums. One of the two film roles I got was Secret Service Agent #4, through Lucid films out of Minneapolis, MN. The name of that film is “Happy Birthday.” It will hit theaters on September 23rd in film festivals. The lead role that I received from Brightly Studios out of Chicago, IL. was Tom, a security guard who discovered someone on the roof of the building that he oversees. The name of this film is “Santas Helper”, and it is still in post-production. The experiences I have had after booking roles from public casting have taught me more about the industry and given me a higher motivation to seek other roles rather than just voice-over work. From the TV commercial and the films, I have been working with very professional people from the production staff as well as the other actors that I have worked with on set. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Nine9 in the future. You do have to do the work yourself, but Nine9 will give you a leg up in getting your foot in the door in the industry.

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