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Stephanie G

Talent ID: 116000
Hi my name is Stephanie Rose Guck and I joined Nine9 back in December 2015 but didn't do anything until May 2016. Once I put my time and effort into it I started getting calls for auditions, shows and modeling jobs. I would like to thank my Nine9 family for being so supportive! Thank you for bringing the best out in each talent. Below are just few of my bookings through Nine9 and several that are still upcoming. Support me by following me on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

The Runners (a movie about human trafficking) - I was selected to be in the party scene and as one of the compound girls. Shooting in 105 degrees in an abandoned warehouse with no air conditioning isn't glamorous but the BEST experience a new actress can experience. It tested your patience, dedication and endurance. To be able to experience SWAT TEAM and DRUG LORDS fight is so cool.

Bruthas 321 – Ihad a supporting role in this movie about brotherhood.

The Arkansas Lynching - Based on a true story, I was taken back to 1886 by dressing up and experiencing a different side of the film industry.

To the Moon and Back- Working with a group of teenagers and young adult doesn't feel like I’m working but rather having fun! Hours and hours of retakes and moving from one venue to another is more like an adventure than filming.

Fight – This is an upcoming movie but we already did the trailer last September 2016. The filming will be around the end of November and early December.

I was one of the concert goers for Luden’s Cough Drops and was one fun commercial to shoot.

I was featured as a Baby Doll model for Alayza Casey's Blog and website promotion.

This past October 2016 I had the honor to walk for Rocky Gathercole, an international Avant-Garde designer, known to design the clothing of the celebrities like JLo, Britney Spears, Nikki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Toni Braxton and Paris Hilton.

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