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Soncier H

Talent ID: 143201
I've been with Nine9 for five weeks now and I am proud to say I landed my first casting yesterday. Initially I was supposed to be a Bully Extra in the show "Copycat Killers” but ended up getting a speaking role during an altercation scene. Being on set is very invigorating. Anything can change in the drop of hat when you’re set. I am happy to see that Nine9 is official and I would recommend that any aspiring actor/model contact them for immediate assistance in the entertainment realm. I plan to land a contract for T.V. via Netflix. That's the plan!

Saturday [FEB 2019] at 9pm on Fios channel 692, I had the pleasure of seeing myself on Episode 313 - "Goodfellas" of Copy Cat Killer. It was a good feeling and I appreciate Nine9 for the opportunity. I shot the scene in July of 2018 and it took a while for the production company to get back to me. However, the was worth it. My first acting debut happened with Nine9. Thanks guys! Never give up on yourself and remain in the present. Initially, I was a Background Extra but ended up getting a speaking role (which was impromptu) just by simply hanging on set. Things change so fast in the entertainment realm. There is a link below to the footage I caught on TV that night.

Argument scene - the napkin gets tossed at me:

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