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Sheree’ H

Talent ID: 112917
Days after my photos were posted Greg had shot at my Nine9 photoshoot, my phone has NOT stopped ringing! Opportunities started coming at me so unbelievably quick...I missed 2 very lucrative ones (a 10k reality show spot and a 3k Galderama) not being ready for the immediate response nor used to the manner which the opportunities come (I now live on my email and am ready!). But, even though overlooking those 2 big ones bothers me (they were the 1st opportunities I had received), when one door closes another always opens! I have since in not even 2 months’ time, been very actively called to audition and read for several projects. I just wrapped up filming my 1st commercial about 2 weeks ago for a Doritos pilot; where I was cast in a lead role. I will be begin shooting my 2nd commercial starting on Wednesday for 3-days for BIG M / Moove Milk Drinks for a commercial to be aired in Australia! Just in the past 3 weeks, aside from the 2 commercials I mentioned above, I have had many casting directors/producers/writers contact me; including a producer from a major motion film company to read their scripts for leading and supporting roles in upcoming major, major independent and independent films. One writer/producer/director has been in contact with me daily and I will be reading tomorrow for the lead of an upcoming horror film and also for the sequel to a family film; where they are talking about writing a supporting character around me to have me in the film...these would both be distributed internationally. This person is very well knowing the business and has recently been awarded a Golden Globe Award. I am speaking to a writer/producer with a major motion picture company out of CA to audition for the lead in an upcoming horror/fantasy film that will shoot for 8 months starting in Dec 2015 and last night I just auditioned for a major theatrical production, lead role that will run through February 2016...actually the director asked me to read for 2 additional lead roles.   Anyway, I wanted to let you know what happening on my end...I never see any updates on the Nine9 board regarding the jobs or auditions happening for the Dallas Nine9 talent roster and as you can see, A LOT is happening with the Dallas office as well! I am sure it isn't just happening with me! The best thing I ever did was reach out to Nine9, you have been more active in my career and hands-on than my other agency ever was. Thank you again for believing in me and bringing me on board. As soon as my schedule permits, I will see you guys at one of the monthly workshops!

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