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Rickey E

Talent ID: 151539
I’ve always wondered, 'what if?' It was a question that lingered way too long in the foreground of my consciousness. What if? What if I’m too much or not enough? What if I’m exposed to an opportunity that I’m not ready for? What if an opportunity isn’t ready for me? Nine9 has answered all these questions for me and more.

I was born Rickey Evans Jr in Macon, Georgia; a big, violent city with a small, and sometimes safe perception. The overwhelming negativity forced me to find peace in dreams of success. Although the 'what if’s' were always there, my courage to exonerate myself from the possibility of failure had been fortified by the traumatic experiences of growing up in the hood. With a seemingly very limited number of avenues to approach to make a real difference, I began to prepare myself mentally and physically for a career in entertainment.

I never knew when this opportunity would present itself. It has been a long and sometimes inconsistent road of chasing the best me. I started with hip hop/rap, and it landed me on BET’s Wild-Out Wednesday rocking to my own tunes. While rap will always be my first love, I am more than highly intrigued by modeling and acting. I’ve always tried to take photos that would garner the attention of a company like Nine9, and by the grace of God, here we are.

I can’t say that I’m perfect for Nine9, but Nine9 is undoubtedly perfect for me. It has given me a reason to believe in myself in the way that I used to—when I was a kid. The mere possibility of changing my possibilities is water to the plant of my motivation, and I am both very honored and nervous to embark upon this amazing journey with such a reputable company. The sky is the limit! Sometimes I wonder though, what if it’s not?

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