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Rhie C

Talent ID: 112499
I am Rhie C. a talent that Nine9 is representing in their Chicago branch. I was advised by Victoria H. to reach out to you in lieu of my recent castings / success. I suppose a brief synopsis of who I am is in order; I am a 33 year old of multi-racial descent ( Caucasian / Hawaiian- Filipino ) with a Master's degree in Art therapy. I have traditionally been a teacher / therapist for marginalized populations such as adults with chronic mental illness, children with autism and both the young and old afflicted with down syndrome. Apart from that, I have also always been a visual artist who loves to paint, draw and perform. While in college I befriended an ensemble of theatre students who allowed me to join their not-for-profit theatre group. As a result, I have done numerous plays including improv, 24-hour theatre and even short films and voice-overs. Since joining Nine9  I have landed roles as an extra on Chicago Pd, as well as having  filmed several low budget commercials (with Burlingham company in Evanston Illinois ). In the past I was also contacted by a representative from Empire to play roles which I unfortunately could not commit to due to my full time job as a teacher. I am now however happy to say that I am working as a  freelance artist and can commit to any opportunity which comes my way. I wanted to thank you, Nine9 and Victoria H. personally for providing me such wonderful opportunities to grow as an artist and actor. So thank you very much for everything!

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