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Priscilla C

Talent ID: 147558
Hello everyone, my name is Priscilla. About a week ago I saw an ad for Nine9 on Facebook and thought, why not give it a try? This has been a passion of mine since I was in the National American Miss beauty pageant in 2016. Modeling, acting, and dance have always been a passion of mine. Although I saw a lot of negative comments, I thought to myself, I won’t know what could happen unless I take a chance.
I went to the first interview, which was great, and the Director there was so nice. I went to the second interview and decided that Nine9 was a perfect fit for me, it could brighten my horizons so much. I am so excited to work with Nine9 and I'm ready to start modeling, acting, and dancing again. Maybe I'll even learn other things that could get my foot further in the door. I am passionate, motivated, and ready to get to work.

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